Benjamin Carson: Source of Inspiration

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The article discusses the life of Dr. Benjamin Carson, a successful neurosurgeon who came from a low-income African American family with divorced parents. Despite being considered the least intelligent and having a bad temper, Dr. Carson was able to overcome his obstacles and become a successful neurosurgeon. His passion and perseverance for his profession led him to graduate from Yale University and become the director of neurosurgery at the Johns Hopkins Medical Center. He also participated in the separation of Siamese twins, which lasted for twenty-two hours, and became recognized as the best in his profession. In addition, Dr. Carson is devoted to educating others and inspiring young people to accomplish their dreams. Overall, the article highlights the importance of expanding one’s knowledge and persevering through obstacles to achieve success.

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Dr. Benjamin Carson, in spite of his disadvantaged background and parental divorce, overcame obstacles to become a renowned neurosurgeon and an inspiration worldwide. Despite facing insults that made him doubt his intelligence during childhood, he persisted and developed his talents. The separation of his parents and his mother’s multiple jobs resulted in a lack of interest in education and reading.

Dr. Benjamin Carson overcame numerous challenges and became a determined and successful neurosurgeon. Despite being initially perceived as unintelligent with a volatile temper, he persisted and became the highest-achieving student in his grade school. Carson recognized that reading was crucial for unlocking his potential, allowing him to thrive academically and actively participate in class discussions.

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Despite facing negative influences, Ben exhibited resilience and achieved his goals. In high school, he learned to control his anger after a near-harmful incident involving a friend and a stabbing. He intentionally distanced himself from harmful peers and stayed away from drugs and alcohol. This led to him being awarded a scholarship to Yale University where he studied neurosurgery. After graduating, Ben became a successful neurosurgeon and accomplished a noteworthy feat by performing the first-ever surgery on an unborn baby with hydrocephalus.

Dr. Benjamin Carson’s career took a significant turn when he became involved in the separation of conjoined twins, Benjamin and Patrick Binder, who were joined at the head. This accomplishment played a crucial role in his appointment as the director of neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Medical Center. Despite encountering challenges such as poverty, divorced parents, racism, and negative influences, Dr. Carson’s unwavering commitment to his profession allowed him to overcome all hurdles and establish himself as an exceptional individual.

The individual not only educates others, but also shares his mother’s guidance with young individuals, motivating them to chase their aspirations for success. Additionally, his dedication is displayed in his profession where he played a crucial part as the primary doctor among seventy senior doctors during a groundbreaking twenty-two-hour surgery on Siamese twins. This challenging procedure further solidified his status as the foremost authority in his field.

Despite encountering difficulties, Dr. Carson’s determination and enthusiasm in the field of neurosurgery have propelled him to triumph. Having graduated from a renowned university, he has committed himself to his occupation, establishing himself as a dedicated and accomplished person. I firmly believe that obstacles like illiteracy, ignorance, and poverty should not impede our advancement as individuals. In my view, with an ongoing effort to expand our knowledge, anything is achievable in life.

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