Beowulf Shows Sacrifice by Leaving His Home Town

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Sacrificing yourself to be a hero, to protect the people that you love, knowing your life is on the line. Willing to fight with goblins and spirits, not only one but three. Beowulf, an epic poem translated by Burton Raffel, Beowulf is the strongest of the Geats trying to build his legacy by protecting his people and battling Grendel, Grendel’s mother, and a dragon. Beowulf is important and needed by his people. He is known as a strong, courageous, and helpful person. In every battle before leaving he knows he may or may not not return which shows how committed he is and how he is sacrificing his life. He shows that he is a good man by always putting other things before his own needs. He made the people of the land of the Danes feel safe by letting them know there was always a hero around to keep them out of danger or harm’s way. Once he heard about Grendel, Beowulf and his men sailed through the sea to Hrothgar. “While the wind hurried them over the waves, the ship foamed through the sea like a bird.” (Raffel 19)

Beowulf shows sacrifice by leaving his home town to travel all the way to herot to fight Grendel. The battle took place in heorot, the royal hall of Hrothgar. Also, Beowulf shows sacrifice by going to all three battles and his previous battles he had fought in. Beowulf is waiting to fight Grendel in a hand-on-hand battle. That night, Beowulf and his men stay inside heorot. While his men sleep, Beowulf lies awake, waiting for the monster to arrive. “The victory, for the proof, hanging, high from the rafters where beowulf hand hang it, was the monster’s arm, claw and the shoulder and all.” Beowulf won the battle and got Grendel’s arm as a victory. (Raffel 30) Beowulf never backed down and put himself before his men. He fought until he got victory.

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Beowulf shows strength and bravery, not only with Grendel but with his mother as well. Beowulf doesnt think twice while making decisions and will always put others before himself. He puts his bare arms up, threw grendel mother to the floor and repaid him with clutch claws. He’d have traveled to the bottom of the earth to meet with Grendel’s mother, where Grendel died. Throughout the battle he saw a sword on a wall but it wasn’t no ordinary sword. It is the best of all weapons.. that “no ordinary man could lift it” (Raffel 33). Beowulf didn’t think twice and went to get the sword and no one had a clue if he would be able to get it but he did. He lifted the sword high over his head with all his strength he had he stabbed her in the neck. Winning victory. He also shows bravery by saying “I’d use no sword, no weapon, if this beast could be killed without it, crushed to death like grendel.”(Raffel 32) He shows bravery by battling with his bare hands. Beowulf has defeated grendel mother and while going back to hrothgar he brought Grendel’s head with him. Beowulf shows strength by doing

This heroic man shows loyalty fighting against the dragon. He was close to death every time he battles and never knew when his last day would be. Beowulf is sacrificing himself to fight the dragon with no weapons besides his hands. Beowulf rose, still brave, still strong, with his shield at his side, and a mail shirt on his breast. The dragon may have done harmful pain to Beowulf but he got back up stronger than ever and continued to fight. He would not give up, he told his people that he will defeat the monster and he will keep his word. He shows loyalty by not giving up, putting in all his strength and effort to every battle. Beowulf fought with his bare hands and after years of age he still fought no matter what. He defeated the dragon with the help of his good friend Wilgarf. If Wiglaf hadn’t helped him, he would have not defeated the dragon. Beowulf dies after a little before the battle ended. Sacrificing his life, put others before himself.

Beowulf is trying to build a legacy by protecting his people and battling with Grendel, Grendel’s mother, and a dragon. He fought numerous battles and returned victorious from all but his last. In every battle Beowulf shows how he sacrificed his life and his hometown, that’s a hero. He will be remembered as a hero who fought monsters to protect people from danger. He kept his word and kept his people safe. He put others before himself and gave every single strength he had in every battle. Who knows when will be your last day living in the world or who knows if you’ll be remembered by doing something good or not. Well, Beowulf died as a hero, knowing he kept his men and people safe.

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