Beowulf Character Analyzation

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In the book, ‘Beowulf’, the main character was, in a way, portrayed as a ‘Christlike figure’. Though he was in some way prideful, Beowulf did some things that draw comparison of the emotional unity throught he lies in the emotional tone of the poem. For example, in the book, he sails to Denmark with his Geat soldiers to help King Hrothgar, king of the Danes, kill Grendel, who was terrorizing the Danes at night. When he met with the king, he spoke wise words to him to edify him and give him hope. Not many people can do that. In fact, if it wasn’t for Beowulf edifying the king, Hrothgar could have been worried sick about Grendel for a long time. Jesus Christ gave hope to every sick and laden. He healed them and came to save them. He spoke words of hope and peace to them not in an authorial way, but in an auspicious way.

Second, In Beowulf it is a technique of major young in the land, whom God sent importance from beginning to end. The poet, in as a comfort to the people; He understood the fact, relied so greatly on this sort of patterning dire need that for him balance and symmetry of thought they had suffered earlier, lacking a king must have been almost second nature. Of course, for a long time.

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Third and finally, The Christian perspective of the poem’s narrator adds an extra layer of melancholy to the tone. Beowulf never capitulated. He never gave up when he was fighting the

monsters. Even when he was fighting the dragon in Book , Beowulf never thought about giving in the pressure of letting the dragon defeat him. Likewise, the Pharisees and Sadducees did not like Jesus and always tried to trap him by asking him hard religious questions. However, Jesus knew what the Pharisees were up too and always never gave into the pressure of being trapped.

To concluded, Beowulf did not fully resemble Christ in this book. He did some things that Christ didn’t do. However, he gave people hope and he saved people, and he showed in the book how Christlike he is. With the analyzing it over all, the meaning to me is resemble of Christ throughout the book, there is sin, there is defeat like the many of us.

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