Why Is Beowulf Considered A Hero?

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Many heroic poems have been written and forgotten. Yet, the heroic poem of Beowulf has stayed as one of the premiere illustrations of a heroic heroic poem. This brings an inevitable inquiry to mind. Why is Beowulf considered a hero?

In the beginning of the narrative, a fabulous monster named Grendel who is assailing King Hrothgar’s Mead hall Herot. When Beowulf hears of this calamity, he volunteers to travel and contend the fabulous animal. The writer wrote, So Beowulf chose the mightiest work forces he could happen the bravest and the best of the Geats, 14 In all. Once Beowulf arrives, he is given a banquet and so decides to remain in Herot overnight to face Grendel. Grendel so arrives and kills one of the Geats before Beowulf can acquire into the conflict. Beowulf so goes hand-to-hand against Grendel and ends up rupturing off Grendel’s shoulder. Grendel so retreats to his den to decease. This is merely a mere illustration of why Beowulf is a hero.

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After Beowulf tears off Grendel’s arm, he hangs it from the balks of Herot. Grendel’s irate female parent onslaughts Herot and takes her boy’s arm and withdraw back to her den. Beowulf is called upon once more to get the better of this monster. Beowulf puts on his armor and takes the blade Hrunting and descends into the monster’s den. Grendel’s female parent rapidly grabs Beowulf and takes him to the conflict sphere. Once at that place, Beowulf battles and finds his blade can non pierce the monster’s fell.

So one time once more, Beowulf throws his blade aside and battles hand-to-hand. Yet, he could non get the better of her with his custodies entirely. Then Beowulf sees, hanging on the wall, a heavy, Sword, hammered by giants, strong And blessed with their thaumaturgy, the best of all weapons. Taking the blade and keeping it high above his caput he strikes T he monster in the cervix cutting deep into the tegument, interrupting castanetss and all. Therefore stoping his 2nd epic conflict with a fabulous animal and proving that he is so worthy of congratulations. Yet, this is non the greatest of his workss.

Then 50 old ages subsequently an event occurs that undoubtedly classifies Beowulf as a hero. A firedrake onslaughts Beowulf’s land and his terrorising his people. Rather than direct warriors to contend the firedrake, Beowulf goes himself to contend the firedrake. Taking blade and shield he engages the animal in combat.

However, Beowulf runs into complications with this animal,  the Fe Shield, and for a clip it held, protected Beowulf as he planned ; so it began to melt.  If that were non the least of his jobs,  he raised his blade And struck at the firedrake’s scaly fell. The antediluvian blade broke, spot into The monster’s tegument, drew blood, but cracked And failed him before it went deep enough.  Beowulf finds himself in licking for the first clip. Then Wiglaf, one of his kinsmen, comes to his assistance and together they defeat the firedrake. Yet, Beowulf is mortally hurt and is approximately to decease. Before deceasing, he passes the throne to Wiglaf and gives thanks to God for the hoarded wealth they receive from the firedrake’s cache. Thus the hero dies, after contending a enemy that one time once more threatened a people.

Through his many heroic workss, whether they be contending Grendel, his female parent, or the firedrake. In his defence of the needy and his willingness to give his life to profit others, Beowulf has decidedly earned the right to be called a hero. In fact, he can besides be looked at as a adult male who embodied the knightly virtuousnesss of his medieval opposite numbers. Beowulf is non merely a hero, but besides an illustration to all warriors of what they should endeavor to be.

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