Bibliography and Abstract Review of Journals Using the APA Citation Style Essay

Bibliography and Abstract Review of Journals Using the APA Citation Style

            Content wise, the abstracts and bibliographies presented by Mr. Oltman all discuss the topic of nicotine addiction and the treatments being developed in dealing with the disease, most especially focusing on relieving/alleviating withdrawal symptoms. The content of all three abstracts from different publications compliment one another and just by looking at these provided bibliographies one can already grasp the idea of the paper the articles would be cited for.

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Bibliography and Abstract Review of Journals Using the APA Citation Style
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The first abstract provides crucial background information on the mechanics behind nicotine withdrawal while the other two articles provide information on a treatment being developed and studied which proves to be effective in curbing some of the withdrawal symptoms related with smoking cessation. These effectively are concise, well researched and evaluated studies fit for use in a scientific research paper.

            On the technical side, though the contents were appropriate and substantial, some lapses can be observed with the use of APA citation and annotation.

For example, the bibliographical entries weren’t formatted properly. The APA style uses hanging indents when citing sources and citations are usually double spaced with no blank lines between entries. Additionally the annotations are, in the APA format, supposed to be similar with block quotations and thus are required to be indented a further two spaces from the usual indentation point. The first abstract/annotation also contained some unnecessary lines that are not congruent with the content of the rest of the annotation.

            Based on the provided material, Mr. Oltman clearly excels at selecting and evaluating topics of high relevance to the topic being researched. This shows that he has a clear grasp of the study being undertaken and thus knows which information and materials will be useful. However there were lapses in the technical aspects (formatting) but this can be easily solved by Mr. Oltman if he devotes the same amount of energies learning the APA format as he does understanding and preparing for his topic.


Lastname, N.M. (YEAR).Title (“article”). Source.Publication/Location/Website.


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