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Annotated bibliography sample apa

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This article presents the healthcare concerns that helped fuel the creation of the healthcare reform bill. Abuzz also discusses the fears many Americans have about the possible effects of the Affordable Care Act on national debt and the careers of medical practitioners. The material was presented in an unbiased fashion. Although this source was published four years ago, most of the information is still valid and will be useful for future essays. “Don’t Mend, Just End Beamer. ” Investor’s Business Daily.

21 Feb.. 2014. Lexis’s Academic. Web. 22 Feb.. 2014. Investor’s Business Daily is a United States newspaper that was founded in 1984.

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Annotated bibliography sample apa
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It provides the latest news about business, finance, and the economy. The author of this newspaper article believes it is impossible to fix Beamer. They point out all of the flaws in the reform and suggest that trying to fix the problems would only lead to more, and possibly bigger, problems. The author agrees with everything Beamer is trying to accomplish, but they believe the only way to actually accomplish those goals is to adopt a market-based form of healthcare.

This article is an argument against the Affordable Care Act. It could potentially be useful for future essays and assist me in taking a position on this issue.

Fields, C. Virginia. “A Dismal Future without the Affordable Care Act. ” New York Amsterdam News 05 Par. 2012: 12+. Academic Search Complete. Web. 21 Feb.. 2014. New York Amsterdam News is a newspaper that was started in 1909. The target audience of this newspaper is the African American community of New York City. C. Virginia Fields is president and CEO of the National Black Commission on AIDS Inc. In this newspaper article, she presents all of the positive aspects of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. She recognizes there are some flaws in the reform, such as the cost, but thinks the benefits will outweigh the drawbacks.

Fields believes the CA is exactly what this nation needs in order for everyone to have equal access to the healthcare they need. This article is an argument in favor of the U. S. Healthcare reform. This source will be helpful when writing upcoming assignments, especially when I have to choose a position on my issue. Has, Sheila, A. “Debunking Myths Regarding Provisions Of The Affordable Care Act. ” CANCAN Viewpoint 35. 2 (2013): 6-11. CHINCH complete. Be. 21 Feb.. 2014. CANCAN Viewpoint is the official newsletter of the American Academy of Ambulatory Care Nursing. This is a bimonthly editorial for nursing professionals.

Sheila Has is a registered nurse and a professor at Loyola University of Chicago. In this article, Has debunks a few of the myths associated with the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. The myths she addresses are the ones concerning Medicare, taxes and fines, and the national deficit. Has presents the common misconceptions then states the facts about each situation. The material is presented in an unbiased manner. This article contains valuable factual information that will be relevant to future essays. “Health Law Drawbacks Outweigh Its Benefits? ” USA TODAY. 17 Feb.. 2014. Lexis’s Academic.

Web. 20 Feb.. 2014. USA TODAY is a news and information media company that was founded in 1982. Its main goal is to “serve as a forum for better understanding and unity to help make the USA truly one nation. ” This particular newspaper article contains quotes from five people about their opinions of the health reform. Each of them had a different opinion, and they all seem to have a valid reason for liking or disliking the form. Although this is a fairly recent article, it does not contain enough information or strong enough arguments for it to be useful when I am writing essays later this semester. Health Care that Works for Americans. ” Whitehorse. Gob. The White House, n. D. Web. 02 Mar. 2014. Whitehorse. Gob is the official website of the White House. It is owned and operated by the United States government. The “Health Care that Works for Americans” weapon contains the key facts about the Affordable Care Act. It presents the basic information needed to understand the reforms for consumer rights and retention, affordable coverage, access to care, and strengthening Medicare. This is the most reliable source for finding out what exactly is included in the healthcare reform and what it all means. How the Health Care Law Is Making a Difference for the People of Louisiana. ” HAS. Gob. United States Department of Health and Human services, 29 July 2013. Web. 7 Mar. 2014. HAS. Gob is the official website for the United States Department of Health and Human Services. Their mission is to provide Americans with the tools and information they need in order to live successful, healthy lives. As the title suggests, his article lists the many positive ways the Affordable Care Act has affected Louisiana residents. It provides statistical information for each benefit.

This was published less than a year ago, so the numbers should still be fairly accurate. The article will help me provide an argument in favor of the health care reform. Jackson, Jill, and John Nolan. “Health Care Reform Bill Summary: A Look At What’s in the Bill. ” Cobwebs. Com. CBS Interactive, 21 Mar. 2010. Web. 19 Feb.. 2014. CBS News. Com is the official website for CBS News, which is the news and information division of CBS Corporation. Their mission is to provide the best in journalism. This news article gives a very brief summary of the healthcare reform bill.

It contains information about the cost, coverage, deficit, health insurance exchanges, paying for the plan, subsidies, Medicare, Medicaid, insurance reforms, abortion, individual and employer mandates, and immigration. The authors presented the material in a neutral way. There have been more recent articles published, but the majority of the information seems to still be valid and useful. Kessler, Glenn. “A Guide to Beamer Claims, Pro and Con. ” Washington’s. Com. The Washington post 27 swept. 2013. Web. 21 Feb.. 2014. Washington’s. Mom is the official website of The Washington Post, an American newspaper founded in 1877. The main focus of this newspaper is politics. In this news article, Glenn Kessler examines six common claims people have made about the Affordable Care Act. He checked the facts and presented the truth about each of the claims. He does not seem to be biased but merely stating the facts. I will be able to use this article when writing both of the upcoming essays. Aziza, Khalid’s J. “Healthcare Reform In The United States: Fact, Fiction And Drama. British Journal Of Medical Practitioners 2. (2009): 5-7. Academic Search Complete. Web. 19 Feb.. 2014. The British Journal of Medical Practitioners is an international medical Journal with a focus on continuing education of medical professionals around the world. All essays and articles are reviewed and edited by distinguished clinicians. This article was written before the reform bill was signed into law. Khalid’s J. Aziza is a doctor of internal medicine and a clinical professor of medicine at the University at Buffalo. Aziza discusses the basic objectives of the healthcare reform.

He examines what has led to the creation of the bill and the possible effects it will have. Aziza also gives a few examples of how the bill could be improved. Since this source was published in 2009 some of the information is outdated, but most of it is still relevant and useful for future assignments. The author does not seem to be biased. Aziza, Khalid’s J. “Healthcare Reform in the United States; Facts, Fiction and Drama: Act II. ” British Journal of Medical Practitioners DCE. 2012: 4+. Academic Search Complete. Web. 19 with an emphasis on continuing education of medical professionals worldwide.

This s considered to be a very credible source since their editorial board of clinicians reviews every article. In this article, Aziza presents seven of the most popular provisions of the Affordable Care Act. He then discusses some of the concerns Americans have about the reform. The concerns include Medicare spending, primary care physician shortage, financial burden, and sequestration. He acknowledges that the reform was necessary, but feels that improvements still need to be made. Khalid’s Aziza presents the information in a neutral manner. This article will be valuable to me when I am writing upcoming essays.

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