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Billy Madison Movie Review Essay

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“Back to school, back to school, to prove to Dad that I’m not a fool. I got my lunch packed up, my boots tied tight, I hope I don’t get in a fight! ” So sings Billy Madison as he waits at the bus stop on his first day of school…as a twenty seven year-old man. Billy Madison is the typical Happy-Madison production: it has crude yet appealing humor and stars Adam Sandler. It gives its viewers a great laugh with its uproarious scenes and unforgettable lines.

However, the practicality can be put into question.

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Billy Madison Movie Review
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Billy Madison is the story of the heir to a fortune 500 hotel chain who spends his days drinking by the pool with his friends, reading nude magazines, and doing as little as possible. Billy (Adam Sandler) is suddenly eager to do something with his life when his retiring, widowed father (Darren McGavin) informs him that the company will be turned over to his evil business associate Eric Gordon (Bradley Witford).

When discovering that his father paid his way through school, Billy agrees to go back and “redo” grades one through twelve in twenty-four weeks to gain ownership of the company.

Along the way Billy encounters many obstacles such as Veronica Vaughn (Bridgette Wilson), his eventual third grade teacher. Billy falls in love with her and, naturally, she ignores him and threatens to fail him if he does not begin straightening up. His biggest conflict comes when the Eric becomes increasingly agitated with Billy’s success in school. This causes a pivotal controversy involving Billy’s elementary school principal and puts his chances of graduating in jeopardy. From then on it becomes a literal competition to find out who will take over Madison Hotels while Billy continues to joke his way through school.

Billy Madison has a plot that is as unique as any. The idea of a slacking alcoholic going back to school with eight-year-old kids is undoubtedly an immediate chuckle; but no comedic plot is complete without scenes that keep the viewer wanting more. The opening scene immediately does this: “Sun tan lotion is good for me. You protect me, tee hee hee. ” Billy sits in his pool singing drunken songs and sipping on his favorite cocktails when he realizes that it is “Nudy Magazine Day”. His adventure to the mailbox on a golf cart (while chasing an imaginary penguin) gives the viewer an idea of the laughs to come.

Another memorable scene occurs on a third grade class field trip. Billy’s friend Ernie pees his pants and does not want any of his classmates to know. Billy, being the great comic (and eventual friend) that he is, splashes water on his jeans and announces that he has peed his pants. “Of course I peed my pants! Everyone my age pees their pants. It’s the coolest! ” It is scenes like these that give the movie its own unique comedic quality while still allowing the plot to move in a positive direction. In many instances throughout the film, the plot would not be able to move forward without the help of these humorous scenes.

For example, Billy helping Ernie in such an entertaining fashion allowed Miss Vaughn’s feelings to sway in the opposite direction and begin to actually be fond of Billy. This is also the scene that allows viewers to realize a change of attitude in Billy; he goes from acting like he cares about nothing to showing some concern. Without the humorous tone of the scene, the movies overall attitude could change along with Billy. In company with such hysterical scenes (and in most successful movies) come memorable lines. Billy Madison is no exception to this fact.

Viewers are left quoting these unforgettable lines long after they have watched the movie. Quotes such as, “Stop looking at me swan! ” or “Chlorophyll? More like BORE-ophyll! ” may have no effect to someone who has not seen the film, but it is the random and brainless lines that give the movie its unique comedic eminence. Often times, films that are dull and less appealing to audiences do not have any memorable lines to relate back to. This is untrue to Billy Madison; it is these brilliant lines that give the movie character and make it unforgettable.

In spite of the hilarious scenes and amusing lines from Billy Madison, there comes the question that is often asked in many movies: how realistic can this be? In this instance, it hardly is at all. In today’s society it is common for older people to go back to college to pursue the degree they never achieved, or even go back for extended learning; just not to elementary school or high school. In reality, if a twenty-seven year-old man tried to do this he would be pushed away immediately or even considered an idiot.

Although many occurrences in the movie fail this “test of reality”, it would not be the same if it followed the standards of society. It is the unrealistic side of the movie that gives it a humorous and unique quality that is memorable for everyone Billy Madison gives its viewers a great laugh with its uproarious scenes and unforgettable lines. However, the practicality can be put into question in many fashions. Its great ability to capture the audience with catchy phrases and dim-witted characters makes it an unforgettable comedy; just another classic from Adam Sandler.

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