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“Ordinary People” Movie Analysis



Words: 3082 (13 pages)

“Ordinary people” everywhere are faced day after day with the ever so common tragedy of losing a loved one. As we all know death is inevitable. We live with this harsh reality in the back of our mind’s eye. Only when we are shoved in the depths of despair can we truly understand the multitude…

“Outbreak” Movie Assignment


Words: 1034 (5 pages)

The film, Outbreak, portrays the efforts of an army virologist, Sam Daniels, to prevent a global biological disaster. A rare killer virus from the African jungle has started an epidemic in a small northern California commu7nity. The virus has a 100% mortality rate. The film follows the scientists and army officers as they trace the…

Reflection on Wit the Movie


Words: 771 (4 pages)

Reflection Paper on Wit Launa Theodore A universal constant about being a patient is vulnerability and loss of control. In the movie Wit, starring Emma Thompson, you get to see all these and more. You get to see another side of the medical profession that shows blatant disregard for medical humanities, the similarities between intellects…

Reaction Paper on Rizal the Movie


Words: 1663 (7 pages)

Rizal’s multifaceted aspects include his skills, talents and knowledge about poetry, painting, academics, medicine, philosophy, history, law and international languages. These aspects only prove how intelligent and gifted Rizal is even more when he wrote literary articles to attack the Spanish oppressors in the Philippines. Rizal, as a student, manifested proficiency and excellency because at…

Novel vs. Movie: Great Expectation



Words: 343 (2 pages)

Great Expectations: Novel vs. Movie In 1946, David Lean made a movie version of Charles Dickens’s novel Great Expectations. Both the book and the movie are set in England and tell the story of a young apprentice named Pip. In both versions, a mysterious and unnamed supporter gives Pip money so he can become a…

Slumdog Millionaire Movie Analysis


Slumdog Millionaire

Words: 1842 (8 pages)

In Slumdog Millionaire the story follows a young boy, Jamal Malik, and his journey from the slums of India to the popular show “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?” The movie is from Jamal’s point of view, and shows the events on how he knew every question’s answer up until the end on “Who Wants…

Movie 13 Days Case Study



Words: 1787 (8 pages)

Write Up On Thirteen Days Case Study: We will watch the film “13 Days” in class. You will then write a paper consisting of five to seven descriptive and concise paragraphs in bulleted form discussing how the negotiation issues are presented/used in the film and its connection to the readings. You should analyze each scenario…

Ethical Issues in the 2002 Steven Spielberg Movie Minority Report


Steven Spielberg

Words: 1208 (5 pages)

Technology is progressing every day. We have come so far in the past ten years. Imagine life in 2054, and what life will be like. That is what Philip K. Dick did in 1956 when he wrote the short story Minority Report, which was later produced as a movie. In the movie Minority Report, a…

Analysis of Rizal Movie


Words: 517 (3 pages)

Finally, I had watch the movie Rizal, though I wasn’t able to started and ended it well. The story was great. Rizal was too brave to do that in his own country. I think he do that because of his love in the Philippines and Filipinos. He has a lot of pride in his self….

Famous movie “Himala”


Words: 7776 (32 pages)

“Walang himala!! Ang himala ay nasa puso ng tao, nasa puso nating lahat! Tayo ang gumagawa ng mga himala! Tayo ang gumagawa ng mga sumpa at ng mga diyos… ” Those were the famous lines from the even more famous movie “Himala”, whose main character, Elsa, was played by Nora Aunor. It was about a…

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The six areas of brilliance are the script, characters, acting, timing, sound, and visuals (No Film School). In order for a film to be truly great, it needs to excel in all those spheres. Read More:

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