Film Review on Billy Elliot Essay

‘Billy Elliot’ In the film ‘Billy Elliot’, 11 year old boy Billy is bought up into an economically repressed mining town without the care of his beloved mother. Billy lives in a small cramped English house with his bad-tempered brother, out of control father and his delirious grand-mother. All Billy wants to do is dance but Billy is told by his father that “boys wrestle; boys don’t dance”. But Billy loves to dance. This disappoints Billy and creates an obstacle for Billy’s dream of dancing.

But as Billy gets older his dream of dancing becomes more of a reality, with the help of his ballet teacher, family and friends.

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Film Review on Billy Elliot
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In my static image the hatched swan eggs represents how Billy has struggled throughout his childhood, but now has hatched into a beautiful adult swan. The idea of the swan came from the end of the movie when Billy performs a swan in the Royal Ballet Swan it shows Billy has accomplished his dream to dance.

The childhood toys and boxing gloves inside the swan eggs represent the obstacles Billy took to make his dream come true. The boxing gloves stopped him from because of what his father believed “boxing is for boys, NOT BALLET! The eggs have been printed in black and grey it symbolizes that his childhood is not important to him. The eggs are hatched to represent accomplishment. Billy is older so he is further along the path of life and achieving his dancing dream. But it is also because he has less obstacles in front of his way to becoming a royal ballet dancer. Billy is bright and white because although he has accomplished his dream and is now a Royal Ballet Dancer. He is wearing a men’s ballet leotard with swan feathers attached. The Sawn costume shows that he has hatched out of his childhood problems into a new dream life of a royal ballet dancer.

His head is turned to the left because he is looking into a new, fresh and clean. Billy is in a leaping ballet position to show that he is leaping into his new daring future where he makes decisions for himself. The quote “I don’t want to be a boxer, I want to be a ballet dancer” shows that all Billy focuses on in life is dancing. “I” indicates that Billy does not care at all what other people think of accomplishing his dream “I don’t want” refers to how much Billy does not aim to be a boxer and “I want” refers to the fact that Billy would go through anything just to be a ballet dancer.

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