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Divergent Through the Lenses


Words: 697 (3 pages)

In Neil Burger’s work, Divergent, he flips the script in terms of what is commonly seen in the genre of science fiction and fantasy. Typically, in these types of movies, the main character is a male who is strong willed, independent, and brave. Usually the woman is shown as the “damsels in distress” waiting for…

Divergent and Convergent Thinking


Words: 566 (3 pages)

1)Are divergent thinking and convergent thinking mutually exclusive or complementary? Why? Are there situations in which one way of thinking is clearly superior? How can two ways of thinking be combined?             There are two forms of thinking that is used by humans. The first form of thinking is the convergent type of thinking in…

Convergent vs. Divergent: A Study of Pachisi and Patolli 


Words: 712 (3 pages)

Divergent evolution the accumulation of differences or traits occurs over a period of time, leading to the formation of something entirely new. Convergent evolution, similar traits in unrelated lineages evolve separately or independently from one another. I think these two games, Pachisi and Patolli are Convergent Evolution. I agree to R. Barry Lewis‘s opinion. The…

“Divergent” by Veronica Ross


Words: 520 (3 pages)

The unique name and meaning is what intrigued me to read this book. But as I read more, I realized that the title wasn’t the only intriguing thing. The story was so interesting, it was as if the plot was forcing me to turn the pages. Divergent by Veronica Ross is a story set in…

Beginning Scene of the Movie Divergent


Words: 957 (4 pages)

In our society everyone has a different view on how you should act and how they should be raised. When we look at the beginning scene of the movie Divergent, it talks about how the human race is split up into five different groups. Each of the groups were created so that society could maintain…

Film Divergent by Neil Burger


Words: 910 (4 pages)

In the film Divergent, directed by Neil Burger, people that are different are viewed negatively. In the case of the main character, Tris starts out in Abnegation but has trouble being fully selfless like the rest of her family. When it is time for Tris to take her aptitude test, something goes wrong in her…

Convergent and Divergent Nozzle


Words: 1108 (5 pages)

            A convergent-divergent nozzle, also called De Laval nozzle, CD nozzle or con di nozzle, is a tube that is somewhat pinched in the middle so as to accelerate the flow of gas, which is passing through it. Since the gas flows symmetrically along the nozzle’s axis starting from the inlet to the exhaust, a…

Divergent Plate Boundaries


Words: 632 (3 pages)

The diverging plates below us are moving everyday; reshaping our world, slowly, but surely. These divergent boundaries are being studied around the world and they teach us about our evolved world, and its continuing evolution today. There are two types of divergent boundaries, the oceanic and the continental. These occur where their names have defined,…

genre Action,Science fiction,Adventure,Thriller,Mystery
release date March 21, 2014 (USA)
description Tris Prior (Shailene Woodley) lives in a futuristic world in which society is divided into five factions. As each person enters adulthood, he or she must choose a faction and commit to it for life. Tris chooses Dauntless -- those who pursue bravery above all else. However, her initiation leads to the discovery that she is a Divergent and will never be able to fit into just one faction. Warned that she must conceal her status, Tris uncovers a looming war which threatens everyone she loves.… More
cast Peter

“We believe in ordinary acts of bravery, in the courage that drives one person to stand up for another.” “Becoming fearless isn’t the point. “I am selfish. “My mother’s death was brave. “Because you’re from Abnegation,” he says, “and it’s when you’re acting selflessly that you are at your bravest.”,“Becoming fearless isn’t the point. “I might be in love with you.” He smiles a little. “I have a theory that selflessness and bravery aren’t all that different.” “Peter would probably throw a party if I stopped breathing. “Fear doesn’t shut you down; it wakes you up”


Director: Neil Burger

Adapted from: Divergent

Budget: $88 million

Produced by: Douglas Wick; Lucy Fisher; Pouya Shahbazian

Production companies: Red Wagon Entertainment; Summit Entertainment

Frequently Asked Questions about Divergent

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What is a Divergent theme?
In a way, Divergent is a book about choosing who you are. Because most of the characters in the novel are young adults, they're trying to find identities for themselves and choose what kind of personality to have, or, in another sense, which “club” to belong to.
What is Divergent moral?
The main moral of Divergent is to embrace your personal gifts and not to hide who you are.
What is the main message of Divergent?
Divergent is a series about a society divided among assigned factions and and a girl who doesn't fit into any of them. The moral force of the books lies in the constant reminder that you should always, under all circumstances, make decisions for yourself, rather than letting society dictate these decisions to you.

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