Biology Final part 3

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Both males and females have accessory reproductive organs, including ducts through which gametes are carried.
The male homologue to the labia majora is the:
Puberty is initiated when a region of the brain begins secreting:
Gonadotropin-releasing hormone
Prior to puberty, the anterior pituitary does not release FSH and LH.
The primary target cells for GnRH are located in the:
The perinuem consists of an anterior:
urogenital triangle and a posterior anal triangle
Human somatic cells contain only one pair of:
sex chromosomes
A cell that contains 23 pairs of chromosomes is:
A child has the same number of chromosomes as each of his parents. This is because the gametes that combined when that child was conceived each contained ___ chromosomes.
When the process of meiosis is complete, the result is:
Four haploid daughter cells
Mitosis involves crossing over and the production of haploid daughter cells.
Which choice best distinguishes between mitosis and meiosis?
Mitosis produces somatic cells that are genetically identical to the parent cell, whereas meiosis produces sex cells that are genetically different from the parent cell.
The process by which double-stranded, homologous chromosomes exchange genetic material is known as:
crossing over, and it occurs in meiosis
A replicated chromosome consists of two identical structures known as:
Sister chromatids
When homologous replicated chromosomes pair up during meiosis, they form a:
Meiosis I is a reductive division.
A reduction division is one is which:
The daughter cells receives only half as many chromosomes as the parent cell had.
Sister chromatids are pulled apart in:
Anaphase II
The daughter cells that result from meiosis I are:
Diploid and contain double-stranded chromosomes.
The final products of the two meiotic divisions are four haploid daughter cells from an original diploid cell.
Which type of ovarian follicle contains a secondary oocyte?
Vesticular follicle
What structure forms from the remnants of the follicle following ovulation?
Corpus Luteum
Throughout childhood primary oocytes are arrested in:
prophase I
In a female infant, the ovaries contain:
primary oocytes within primordial follicles
What is the correct order for the phases of the ovarian cycle, beginning with day 1?
Follicular, ovulation, luteal
Ovulation is induced by a peak in the secretion of:
The lateral margin of the uterine tube, which bears the fimbriae, is called the:
enclose the ovary at the time of ovulation
The normal site of fertilization is the:
Ampulla of the uterine tube
The external os is the:
opening of the cervix into the vagina
The myometrium of the uterus is composed of:
Smooth muscle
What fibromuscular structure is about 10 centimeters long and serves as the birth canal?
The posterior pituitary hormone that is crucial for milk ejection is:
Which is not part of the vulva?
The ridge that is visible externally along the midline of the scrotum is called the:
Sperm are produced in the:
Seminiferous tubules
The interstitial cells in the testes:
Secrete testosterone.
Developing sperm cells are protected by a blood-testis barrier formed by:
Sustentacular cells
What part of a spermatozoon contains the nuclear material?
The acrosome cap contains:
enzymes to allow penetration into the oocyte
How many spermatozoa ultimately develop from each primary spermatocyte?
When comparing gamete production in males and females, males produce:
more gametes that are smaller in size
Where are spermatozoa stored until they are fully mature?
Which structure is not found in both males and females.
Tunica Albuginea
The rete testis:
receives sperm from the seminiferous tubules
Which male accessory gland encircles the urethra?
Which gland secretes a fluid containing fructose?
Seminal vesicles
Which male reproductive structures is unpaired (meaning there is only one in the body)?
prostate gland
Which statement is accurate?
Semen is composed of seminal fluid and sperm
The external urethral orifice is found at the ___ of the penis.
An erection of the penis is caused by:
Blood filling the erectile bodies and compressing the veins.

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