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The intent of this paper is intended to sum up my positions on what has influenced my apprehension of political relations and authorities prior to taking this category. and how my apprehension is now since finishing this class. Pre Reflection/Position

My apprehension of political relations and authorities prior to taking American Government came from my household and their beliefs. It was influenced by the schools I attended. which influenced my regard for this state. and my regard for our flag. They ingrained a sense of nationalism with their instructions. Television and newspapers had a large influence on me in my younger old ages. before they became so biased. based on the beliefs of the proprietors. or at least until I became cognizant of that prejudice. My experience with different facets of authorities has influenced my beliefs. I am a staunch truster in our rights and autonomies that the first 10 Amendments give us. and I believe that was influenced by where I grew up. which is Wyoming. The fact that my household loves to run and angle. I will non give up my right to bear weaponries without a battle. The people I grew up with had a big portion to make with my beliefs. and the fact that having guns is a right that non many in this province will give up without a battle. The enjoyment of hunting and the right to be able to protect my household and myself if needed is really of import. Whether it is from felons. or our ain authorities. I want to be able to protect me and mine.

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I am non willing to allow anyone state me what I have to believe when it comes to my pick in faith. I am instead quiet about my spiritual beliefs. I believe that it is between God and me. In other words. it is my private topographic point to be. I grew up believing that everyone has the right to their ain beliefs. and I don’t experience it is right to force your beliefs on person who is inexorable about non desiring to listen. Final Reflection/Position

The ways I have changed in my apprehension of political relations and authorities is I am more determined than of all time to non hold my civil autonomies and rights taken off or changed. If we keep leting certain functionaries to alter or take away our amendments. or altering them so it takes off more of our freedoms. we will one twenty-four hours wake up and we will no longer be free. The apprehension of Democratic values and tradition alterations my positions of the American political system in the fact that the current disposal is non following the Constitution in many ways. To be blunt. the disposal in topographic point panics me if Congress and the House don’t wake up we are all traveling to be in serious problem. Maybe it should be compulsory for politicians to hold to take American Government every 2 old ages. it seems as though they need a refresher class on the Constitution and what it means.

I now know the ways that you have go through to acquire issues noticed if you are of all time traveling to acquire anyone to hear you. Now that I have a better apprehension of how authorities is supposed to work. I have the tools to do myself better informed on of import issues.

Understanding how the assorted involvement groups. political parties and elections work makes me experience in some facets less sceptered to do a difference. as in the election of the President. but more sceptered to do a difference in some facets. such as who I vote for in the House and Senate can do a difference as to what I value.

The cardinal issue on the top of my list is gun control. I am wholly against gun control. if you disarm the American people. so the authorities can pretty much do what they want. and We the People will hold no manner to halt them if we of all time need to. When I grew up and throughout my life I didn’t need to worry about this issue. Merely in the last 15 old ages or so has the issue of gun control come about in this state. The 2nd Amendment protects our right to bear weaponries. “A good regulated Militia being necessary to the security of a free State. the right of the people to maintain and bear arms” . ( Volkomer. 2012. Pg. 54 ) . Another ground why I do non desire to see gun control implemented is offense will lift. as the lone 1s that will hold guns are the felons and the authorities. The honest. upstanding citizens will hold no manner to protect themselves. and the felons will take advantage of that fact.

Diverseness in this state is going more evident. I don’t see this as a bad thing until the sentiments of a minority can do alterations that affect the bulk in a large manner. One illustration is taking the Pledge of Allegiance out of schools because a choice few happen it violative because it mentions God in it. When I went to school. if you didn’t want to state it because of your spiritual beliefs you didn’t have to. Belief in God was what this state was founded on. and I find it disrespectful to this state to let a choice few to be able to order to the remainder of us what is allowed and what is non. The 1st Amendment was implemented to give us the right to what faith we want to believe in. alternatively of doing us take a specific faith. or none at all. “Congress shall do no jurisprudence esteeming an constitution of faith. or forbiding the free exercising thereof ; or foreshortening the freedom of address. or of the imperativeness ; or the right of the people pacifically to piece. and to petition the Government for a damages of grievances” ( Volkomer. 2013. pg 54 ) . This amendment gives the people the right to take their ain faith and pattern that faith. if they so choose. It besides gives the imperativeness and the people the right of free address.

The alterations mentioned have been go oning in the last decennary or so. My consciousness of some issues have been brought to my attending by taking this category. from the teacher and the treatments with the other pupils in this category. This category has helped me understand the ways in which the Government maps and what I need to make to acquire my voice heard. All in all I have learned many things about our Government that I did non cognize 5 hebdomads ago. and for that. thank you.

MentionsVolkomer. W. ( 2013 ) . The Fundamental law of the United States. American Government. ( pg. 54 ) . Boston. MA. Pearson.

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