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Birth Certificate Legalisation

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Birth certificate legalization Important update: Now the Indian documents need not be legalized, but they should get an apostille stamp from concerned authorities from Ministry of External affairs. This can be done at any of the 4 cities (New Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai and Hyderabad) in India. For more information follow the below link: http://india. nlembassy. org/consular_affairs/consular_department/legalisation_of How to get your birth certificate legalized? The first thing that you need to do for getting a visa (referred to as MVV in dutch) is to get your birth certificate legalized.

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Birth Certificate Legalisation
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The process of getting the birth certificate legalized is a bit lengthy. However, if you know what to do in advance, it should not be a problem. Please follow the guidelines mentioned below for getting it done. The process can be split in to 4 stages. Stage1: Getting the birth certificate from your place of birth Stage2: Getting the birth certificate attested/notarized by your state births and deaths registrar located in your state head quarters Stage3: Getting the birth certificate attested by Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi

Stage4: Getting the birth certificate legalized by the dutch embassy.

Stage1: 1. Get the birth certificate issued from local municipality or gram panchayat. The certificate should not be older than 6 months for the legalization. 2. Make sure that your name is expanded completely (abbreviations are not allowed) and is same as in your passport. For example, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi should not be written as M. K. Gandhi. It should be completely expanded. 3. The place of birth, father’s name and mother’s name should match with the details in your passport. . In India, there is a possibility of registering the birth without giving a name to the newly born baby as the name will be decided at a later time. In that case, the birth certificate will be issued with the name of the candidate left blank and all other details furnished correctly. If your case is similar to this, then you need to get a notarized affidavit signed by your father/guardian declaring your name. The affidavit format can be found on dutch embassy web site in India. You can get this affidavit notarized by any notary in your place. 5.

The birth certificate should be issued in English. If that is not possible by local authorities, then you can provide a translation of the original along with the original. This translation should again be done by a notary. In this case, both the original and translated version should always be shown together. Stage2: 1. After getting the birth certificate from your place of birth, the certificate should be attested/notarized by the state births and deaths registrar located in the state head quarters. 2. Typically, it takes one day to one week in most of the states. excepting, Tamilnadu, where it might take even a month in some cases). Stage3: 1. The next step is to get the certificate attested by ministry of external affairs located in New Delhi. 2. This will take one day at the most. NOTE: 1. People from West bengal has the option to attest their documents at MEA Branch Secretariat Kolkata and move to stage 4 2. People having documents originating from Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Kerala can also be done at MEA Branch Secretariat at Chennai. The Chennai Secretariat is located in the 7th floor of the DPE/Pension office/CBI office building.

Its on College Road in Nungambakkam. Stage4: 1. Here comes the final step of getting the certificate legalized by dutch embassy. 2. You need to take an appointment with the dutch embassy by phone for legalization. 3. All the south Indian states can do the process at Mumbai Embassy and the north Indian states can do it at Delhi embassy. 4. The legalization takes two days. First day you submit your application and the next day you will receive the legalized certificates. Please check with the embassy web site before taking an appointment for legalization for any changes in rules or requirements.

All the above stages can be done by some one else if the candidate won’t be able to present himself. However, the first stage might need presence of the candidate in some of the states. If the candidate is not present in stage4, then he/she needs to give a letter of authorization to the person going for legalization. For latest information about documentation legalisation and format for “letter of authorization”, please do vist dutch embassy website. All the best…. For any further comments/suggestions you may contact Spokesperson at spokesperson at gisa-rug. nl Last Updated ( Tuesday, 02 February 2010 )

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