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Live member, Andy Cambers as immature but skilled Detective Jake Parental, and his straightedge and stickler partner Detective Amy Santiago, played by the talented Melissa Fumier. Both Jake and Amy compete for the approval of strict commanding officer, Captain Holt, played by Andre Burgher, through cracking cases and going head to head in hair brained office competitions. Brooklyn Nine-Nine contains a fantastic supporting cast that Includes Joe Lo Trujillo as the kindhearted and awkward Detective Charles Bayle, Stephanie Beatrice as tough and mysterious Detective Rosa Ditz, and Chelsea Preterit as the goofy and blunt administrator, Gina

Lenient. The show also features Terry Crews, (who you may know from Everybody Hates Chris) as Sergeant Terry Oxfords. The pilot episode opens with both Detective Parental (Cambers) and Detective Santiago (Fumier) in an electronics store, questioning the owner, who is the victim of a robbery. Parental Is shown playing around with the merchandise in the background, while Santiago conducts most of the interrogation. After Santiago finishes, Parental slyly announces that he has already solved the case, grabbing a teddy bear with a small camera Installed In It off a shelf.

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He makes a few witty and pompous remarks to Santiago, as she rolls her eyes. The next scene brings us to the 99th precinct’s morning briefing. Parental confirms to the office that he has indeed cracked the case, and Santiago begrudgingly walks up to a whiteboard keeping score of Operetta’s and Santiago number of solved cases. She adds a point to Operetta’s score, making it two points higher than Santiago. Sergeant Oxfords (Crews) assigns them a new high priority case, Involving the murder of a luxury food importer, and adds that the new Captain (Burgher) will be coming in eater to Introduce himself.

Parental and Santiago wonder about the new Captain and Parental predicts that he will be robotic, and strict, proceeding to do a silly impression of a robot. A deep voice from behind him keenly asks “Is that what you think? ” and Parental turns around to find the new captain standing there. Parental struggles to recover from his mistake, but has already made an unfortunate first impression. Captain Holt asks Parental to finish his robot Impression In front of the whole room to humiliate him, and then briefly introduces himself to the staff.

Although he comes off s overly-masculine, Gina asks Parental and Santiago If they get “a gay vibe” from him. In the privacy of his new office, the Captain asks about Parental and Sergeant Oxfords explains that he is the best they have, though he Is habitually childish. The team of detectives head to the scene of the murder, an apartment, and begin to investigate. 1 OFF Rosa starts listing the items stolen from the apartment and stops abruptly after reading that a Spanish ham worth $6000 was stolen.

Parental and Santiago go around to the neighboring apartments to question the tenants, Parental causing mayhem the entire time. Back at the station, Parental and Bayle team up and go too butcher nearby the victim’s apartment, to inquire about the ham. Parental accuses an employee of breaking into the victim’s apartment with the intent to steal the ham, and killing the victim in the process. The employee knocks over the counter and begins running around the store; Bayle and Parental close behind. The employee jumps behind the counter and starts flinging various meats and cheeses as Bayle and Parental duck for cover.

He manages to escape and the detectives head back to the station to explain the mishap to the captain. While sifting through records, Parental finds a detail about a Serbian thug that might solve the case. Parental, Santiago and the Captain go on a stake out, and it is revealed that Captain Holt is in fact, gay. They spot the perpetrator and Jump out of the car. The team corners the thug, and Parental brags in the culprit’s face, much to Captain Halt’s dismay, causing an accidental distraction.

The thug makes one final run for it, but Bayle and Rosa manage to catch him. The episode ends with Parental and the Captain sharing a sentimental moment, which Parental quickly spoils with an incongruous Joke. The cast of Brooklyn Nine-Nine is comparable to that of The Office or Parks and Recreation, because the chemistry on set is so entertaining and amusing. All of the actors do a brilliant Job of portraying each character, and have equally funny quirks and Jokes, making the characters truly unique.

Although Andy Cambers is quite lovable, TV columnist Brian Lowry makes a good point in his review by stating “Because like a lot of recent “SIN” alums, Cambers doesn’t wear particularly well beyond sketch length, “Brooklyn” fate will likely hinge in part on the supporting players – as constructed y the “Parks and Recreation” team of Dan Igor and Michael Scour, a colorful but rather familiar bunch, including the nerdy guy Coo Lo Trolling) with a crush on his gruff partner (Stephanie Beatrice); Amy (Melissa Fumier), who draws the thankless task of being paired with Jake; and Gina (Chelsea Preterit), the noses office manager. This show is easy to follow; you can Jump in at any time and easily understand what’s going on. I would rate Brooklyn Nine-Nine 4. 5/5 stars and highly recommend it to someone looking for a new, clever and entertaining, comedy series to watch.

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