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Building a house project charter

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Executive Summary

This document defines the Project Charter for a project to build the house for Mr. Anthony Carter and family in the area with main intersection Sheppard Ave and Warden Ave, Scarborough, Ontario.

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Building a house project charter
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This Project Charter describes the purpose, scope, objectives, estimated cost/ effort/ duration, risk and constraints, assumptions, approach and organization. The project will commence on July 1, 2013 and will complete no later than July 1, 2014. The purpose is to complete on time all the stages: acquiring the land, getting all necessary permits and approvals, constructing the house, landscaping, exterior and internal decorating.

The scope is that within the budget of CAD $900,000 the property to include: foundation with basement, landscaping, driveway, two-story house with four bedrooms and an office, two-car garage, and deck/patio.

Project Overview

This project is being assumed to construct a new house for Mr. Anthony Carter. This construction will be a single-family house with four bedrooms, an office and a two-car garage, built on a two-acre lot located in the area with main intersection Sheppard Ave and Warden Ave, Scarborough, Ontario. The project will start on July 1, 2013 and will complete no later than July 1, 2014.

This home will be constructed using the newest building materials and codes and will involve a new technology in order to minimize the energy consumption. Construction will be managed by The Estate of Credit Ridge, the prime contractor who might subcontract the construction work.

Project Purpose

The purpose of this home project is to establish a new primary residence for Mr. Anthony Carter and his family. The project will carry out all phases from getting the land, getting approvals and permits for all essential documents, building the house, and finishing landscaping and internal
designing. The new house is planned for completion in July 2014, thus Mr Carter will be ready to furnish it and move in during the first weeks in July 2014.

Within this project, it is assumed that:
Final planning permission will be approved by the owner within the timeframes required All necessary suppliers, resources, materials and services will be available as required by the project. The prices of raw materials will not increase more than 10% during the course of the project. Weather conditions
will be favourable for exterior constructions during the project.

May be delayed for approval of building permit
Use the network or relationship to reach the approval of building permit (but if really necessary)

Project Constraints
There are some identified constraints for Tony’s house building project, including: Scope Constraint: 85-90% of a house must be done before April 2014 and 100% of completion before sign-off date by July 1, 2014. Time Constraint: completion:

Exterior must have protective completed
Roof must be done
Interior designing is completely done before turnover the key Cost Constraint: only CAD $900,000 maximum budget
Resource Constraint: availability is based on the working schedule: Monday – Friday: 8.30am – 5pm
Saturday: (if necessary) 10am – 4pm
Weather Constraints: exterior constructing depends on weather condition (snowy or rainy days)

Project Approach

Prime contract’s responsibilities are as followed:
Keep track all project documents and schedule
Take a duty for all subcontract oversight, deliverables and management. Agrees for the fixed-price contact and schedules.
Perform his/her responsibility of completing tasks with contractor’s own employees, verifying all sub-contractor and own employees. Hold meeting in order to solve problems as well as tracking the progress by weekly or bi-weekly. “The penalty of 12% single quarter for any project employee without proof of proper trade license and credentials will be applied.” (Project Charter Example, n.d)

Project Approvals

The funding for the home project has been preapproved by the owner and placed in a special account. Contractor may withdraw quarterly payments of the same amount starting with the second quarter after the work started. The owner will withhold the payment for the first quarter until the work is complete and approved. Once the close of the project will be accepted, the owner will provide final payment to contractor, and contractor has to present invoices for the close of each quarter.


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Cite this Building a house project charter

Building a house project charter. (2016, Nov 05). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/building-a-house-project-charter/

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