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Analysis of the team charter Essay

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Analysis of the team charter

The Team Spirit:

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Analysis of the team charter
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            It begins from the adage “two heads are better than one” – that emboldens the team spirit.  To work together as a team is the most exemplary excellence in management that business leaders aim for.  It is a most efficient and dynamic work process that ensures the success of an undertaking.

            Team work however can only be a success if there is a unanimous condition to work together cohesively and congruently.  The general good of the cause of a work assigned or purpose of the job at hand supersedes any and all of other subjective and personal considerations.

  Other than this and if there transpires a diversity in the vision, problems will beset the achievement of the objective of a job or a task.

The Tool of a Team:

            One of the tools that a team should adopt or utilize is the team charter.  It is a formal commitment put into a document that serves as some kind of a contract between the members of the team that outlines the objective of why the members of the team are working together.

  The team charter likewise identifies the work process that will be adopted to accomplish the job assigned or the task at hand.  The expectations of the job and the level of achievements and results are likewise spelled out in the team charter.

            The team charter is therefore a guideline – it is a clear outline of all the “what’s”, “why’s”, “when’s”, “where’s” and “how’s” of the work in relationship to the skills and abilities of the team together.  The team charter can even serve as both a challenge and an inspiration.  It is in the sense of being entrusted with a specific job or task that must make the team members believe that they are capable of such responsibility.  What the team members commit to in a team charter is the proof of their ability to work together due to the mutuality and synchrony of their talents and decision to work together. (Mackin, 2007)

The Deterrence to a Team and Team Charter:

              At the very onset, if the objectives of a job and the role that the team members will play in achieving the said objectives are not clear – it is the first deterrence that a team and a team charter will incur that will spell failure.  Whatever the differences and the individual characteristics of the team members, all of them must first and foremost acknowledge the objective and once they believe in achieving the objectives then they put aside all of their personal issues.

            Then the factors that will lead the team to succeed must likewise be indicated in the charter.  Together with the success factors, the reward factors must be known.  The success factors and the congruent rewards will be the platform of inspiration that will help the members to set away any deterring personalities or individual differences aside.

            That the team will be made to be reasonably empowered, independent and endowed with a certain level of authority as indicated in the strategies of the team charter – will be a platform of challenge and also an inspiration.  The team members will feel good that they are entrusted with a job or a task that will make them be the best they can be that will make them put the job over and above any of their personal differences.

The Success of a Team and its Team Charter:

            Unity is a very challenging characteristic to achieve in a team or any group of people.  The team charter is the tool that will create the breeding ground for such characteristic.  What will truly seal the success of a team and its charter in maintaining the level of unity towards achievement of a job is exemplification of team leaders and sponsors and the monitoring and control methods.  As all of these aspects are clear and honestly shared by everyone, there is no way to go but fulfillment, achievement, and growth of everyone.


Mackin, Deborah.  “The Team Building Tool Kit:

            Tips and Tactics for Effective Workplace Teams”.  2007

            AMACOM Div American Management Association Publishing

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