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Bullying and Carrie

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Female Gothic Elements in Carrie In the movie Carrie, depict many ideas of the female gothic. This dark and chilling movie Is about a young girl, named Carrie, with a overly religious mother, that Is a outcast at her school. To make good after a traumatizing bullying, one of her tormentors, Sue Snell makes her popular boyfriend go to the prom with Carrie. During the whole movie there is evidence of assault, deception and betrayal, such like her mother’s wrath.

Carrie had the desire to remain with her mother and to separate with a sense of fear and danger of being “lost”.

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Bullying and Carrie
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Her mother was a familiar presence but at the same time wanted to get away and be her own person. Lastly, there were many signs of Carrie’s loneliness and hunger for a change. She realized that in order to end her outcast live she needed to change and get away from her mother, who was holding her back.

These ideas are three female gothic elements that are depicted throughout Carrie and will be explained in great detail. The element, a pattern of assault, deception and betrayal is evident in Carrie. When Carrie came home to her mother she was abused for getting her period hours before.

In the movie, she was repeatedly backhanded and kicked by her mother and verbally assaulted as the mother claimed, “Don’t;t Ill to me, Carleton, don’t you know by own I can see Inside you? I can see your sin Just as surely as god can”. With that Carrie was locked in the closet for the unjustified reason that she had “sinned” and therefore obtained her period. After the shower scene Carrie felt betrayed by her mother for letting her go uneducated about her womanhood sobbing, “Oh Momma why didn’t you tell me something, I was so scared”.

Because of her mother’s deception Carrie is left in the dark, blind and unprepared for what was to come. Mrs… White is so radical in her beliefs she knowingly betrayed Carrie because it was marked as a sin in the bible. At school Carrie is assaulted during the shower scene and was also betrayed by her fellow class mates as Chris and Billy spilled pigs blood on Carrie as she was on stage. Being the outcast, Carrie is tormented by her fellow students and Is laughed at on stage Carrie has a desire to remain with her mother and to separate from her while also having the fear and possible danger of being lost.

Carrie wants to please her mother because she is the only thing that she knows in life. Being with her mother is the comfort and familiarity that is known to Carrie but at the same time she wants to get away from her mother to be her own person. After she is asked to the prom it takes a couple scene in the movie for her to overcome the fear of being lost and to ignore her mother protesting, ” its not to late, you can stay here with me”. Even hen she makes a move to be independent from her mother she still feels the need to obey her when Tommy asks her about Carrie’s early curfew stating ” I promised”.

From that dialog, she still feels obligated to follow her mother and remain to be somewhat trapped In that house with her. Throughout the story, Carrie has a sense of loneliness and a hunger for change from being the outcast to someone that Is accepted by her peers. Carrie realizes that her mother Is holding her back from having a real life when she remarks, “You’ll say anymore”. Carrie hungers for social experiences, like the prom, and is sick of being the outcast. When asking Mrs…

White permission to go to the prom Carrie, complains that she is sick of being the religious weirdo like her mother with no friends and expresses her desires to change and be like everyone else. As she is getting ready for it she ignores her mother’s attempts to convince her to stay such as hurting herself to provoke guilt, offering to burn the dress and to shoo Tommy away, and predicting that her date will stand her up. Her will to change her life and to end the loneliness is so strong she overcomes her mother’s religious overbearing nature and goes out with Tommy.

The movie Carrie is a perfect example of many elements of the female gothic. Throughout the film Carrie is a victim of assault, deception and betrayal from her classmates and her radically religious mother. She is betrayed and a victim of deception caused by her classmates when everyone laughs at her after getting soaked in pigs blood. Betrayal from her mother is expressed when Carrie gets her erred in the gym showers and she is so uneducated about her womanhood that she acts weirdly and is made fun of by her peers.

Assault is evident when Carrie is thrown and kicked by Mrs… White while verbally abusing her with bible verses. Carrie also has a desire to remain with her mother and to separate with a fear and sense of danger of being lost. Carrie still feels a need to be with her mother but at the stay time grow apart from her to maintain her own live. Towards the end of the film, Carrie is fed up with her lonely outcast lifestyle and sets out for change.

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