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Review Essay – Carrie Movie

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Carrie Movie
I am a horror movie fanatic. When fifteen days ago the new version of “Carrie” came out, I did not hesitate in going to the theater. The movie was perfect to me because besides the terror, it had drama, compassion, and vengeance. Carrie’s mom, Margaret, is a purely deplorable figure who scratches and cuts her own flesh, and who cannot love herself, let alone a child. She is a deeply religious mother who constantly punishes her daughter Carrie.

Carrie White is a shy girl outcast by her peers who tease her constantly. One day after gym classes, Carrie starts to take a shower alone when she notices blood. She asks the girls for help because she does not understand what is going on. The girls, led by Chris, realize Carrie is having her first period and does not understand it. Instead of helping, they throw tampons at her and chanting: “plug it up.” “What did Carrie White ever do to you?” That question is asked more than once in “Carrie” and it cuts to the heart of this new adaptation.

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Review Essay – Carrie Movie
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Compassion is shown in the movie when Sue Snell, one of the popular girls that took part in teasing Carrie in the shower room feels bad about what she did and asks her boyfriend to take Carrie to the Prom and show her a good time. In addition, the gym teacher, Ms. Desjardin became Carrie’s protector and punishes to the girls who took part in bullying to Carrie. The day of the Prom Carrie looked beautiful and was very happy but her happiness would not last long. Knowing that Carrie would attend the prom party, Chris, who was suspended of going to prom for what she did to Carrie prepared a bucket filled with pig blood that later threw it over Carrie.

This was what led Carrie to develop her telekinetic powers, which has been started to show since the shower incident. Ms. Desjardin goes to Carrie, but she pushes her back with her powers, startling everyone. Carrie shuts all the doors of the gym so no one can get out. Each killing is a distinct work employing different media and techniques like death by psychic attack, by trampling, by electrocution, by fire, by face-through-glass. Almost everyone died, including her mother, except for the few people who were ever nice to her. One of the film’s greatest strengths is that it shows the character of Carrie White not as a heartless monster, but as a girl with whom we sympathize. While her actions at the end of the film cannot be excused, they can at least be understood.

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