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Business ethics reflection paper

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  • Pages 2
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    Business ethics is a type of practical ethics which examines ethical principles and or moral problems that arise in business surroundings. Moreover, business ethics can be defined to any ethical practices can be happened in the business environment, and it could be positives or negatives. Business ethics has more than ten principles. Honesty, integrity, promises keeping, loyalty, fairness, caring, respect others, law abiding, accountability, and reputation and morale are business ethics principles. Examples of negatives business ethics are a lot, but the most popular cheating, abusive behavior, ND undue credit.

    Abusive behavior is the most common standard in order to measure between two workplaces in two different countries. Sexual harassment, corruption, cheating, and others are examples of abusive behavior in business environment. Colombia and U. S. Are the two countries which I am going to explain the differences and similarities Of business ethics in the workplaces in those countries. Before start explaining the similarities and differences of business ethics between the U. S. And Colombia, need to talk about the business ethics in general in both countries briefly.

    The concept of business ethics in Colombia is very wide and includes different topics. Physical violence, poverty, development, corruption, finance, education, corporate culture, corporate social responsibility, etc are common topics of business ethics in Colombia. However, the business ethics concept in U. S. Limits to different and basic topics such as physical violence, corruption, finance, and social responsibility. There are some business ethics topics which are considered as business ethics similarities between U. S. And Colombia.

    Physical violence is most common topic between Colombia and America. Physical violence is consisting of sexual harassment and physical attacks such as hitting, shoving kicking, and or pushing. Unfortunately, Women are the common victims of sexual harassment in the workplaces in United States and Colombia. According to the BBC NEWS, said One in four women has experienced workplace sexual harassment in U. S. (Longer, 2011). Also, 55% of Colombian women work in Colombians flower plantations has been the victims of some form of sexual harassment in the workplace.

    On the other and, bribery is one of the different factors of business ethics that is popular in Colombia; however, it’s forbidden in U. S. Also, united States is fighting the bribery with supporting many organizations.

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