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Business Ethics Role in Modern Societies Organization

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Ethics of Professional refers to the standards and principles by which the behavior of individuals and groups are governed within a business environment. Similar to values, business ethics teach how an individual should act, and behave with other individuals and institutions. Its constitutes of two parts, that are ethical principles and Code of conduct.

Ethical principles and norms underpin every professional ethical obligation however, the ethical principles may differ from one profession to another. For example, the business ethics of the teachers will be different from the medical practitioners and the lawyers will be different from the real estate agents.

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Business Ethics Role in Modern Societies Organization
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Teachers should make sure that the students have a complete understanding of the concepts, definitions, and further theories. By doing so the students will have a proper and in-depth understanding of his or her subjects being taught. The medical PR actioner should carefully remove and dispose of the expired medicines if found. The lawyers should not be biased in making judgments.

However, there are ethical principles that are universally obligated to be observed irrespective to the nature of the profession. These include the following ethical norms: loyalty honesty sincerity dedication trustworthiness respect for the organization and every member there should be adherence to the law and regulations one should be good and rightful in his or her conduct harm should be avoided to anyone there should be an absence of biases accountability and credibility (O’Fallon et al., 2005). Other than the ethical principles, there is a code of conduct. Code of conduct implies that the professional ethical principles are the basis of standardized behavior for members relating to a specific profession. There are prescribed standards. There is an expectation that all members of society irrespective to the nature of their profession should follow the code of conduct. Minimal and standardized rules are imposed to set an appropriate behavior required by the profession or the organization itself alongside the common law of the geographic region & the personal beliefs of the members of the respective profession. For example, the manager is obligated to conduct no illegal activities which can include corruption, nepotism, and so forth.

Ethics of professionals does not benefit a certain career-oriented professionals neither they only help nor aid the organizations to maintain ethical behavior but overall the society is taught what is correct and what is incorrect. This distinguishing is highly necessary so that no one breaks the law and follows proper rules and regulations. By following the business of ethics there is trust and harmony within the society. Professional codes of conduct offer advantages to society and to the public, where confidence is built in the profession’s dedication and trustworthiness. The members of the profession maintain an ethical environment of the organization, and there is elevated transparency. Other advantages, that the professional member is certain how to manage the affairs. The employees constitute of a framework that assists them in making ethical decisions, and some of the decisions can be grey areas. There are proper guidelines and procedures. There is a common understanding of the acceptable and ethical work principles that leads to the development of collegiality. There are more fair disciplinary processes. With this, the profession becomes reliable and easier to deal with. The stakeholders built a community where business ethics are promoted (Brown and Krager, 2015).

Indeed, Business Ethics plays an important role to organize the modern societies in civilized behavior. The individuals who practice it are capable of making wise and effective decisions and judgments. By application of their ethical skills, the professionals are able to reach informed decisions. One of the oldest examples of it is the ‘Hippocratic oath’ to which the health care professionals adhere to this day. Each and every organization constitutes of its own business ethical norms and moral code of conduct. But many countries have their own statutory regulation entities or bodies where they regulate the different professions. For example, in Wales and England, there are many medicals based statutory bodies that regulate and watch the midwifery and nursing staff. If the professional failed to comply with the set standards and regulations then the matter goes into the courts.

Many ethical concerned authorities now advise that from the start, the schools should teach about business ethics. By teaching the children about it, and why they are important and what are their benefits provides a sense of responsibility to follow these rules for the rest of your life. As from the start they follow and understand these ethical values and norms, they do not feel difficult to obey these rules and regulations. They have a thorough understanding of what is correct and what is incorrect. Its shape up people it shapes their behavior and perceptions it educates them what is acceptable and what is not.

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