Camera Angles Used in Slumdog Millionaire Analysis

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The clip begins with a shot of a cricket ball being hit into the sky followed by a close up of Jamal’s face as he prepares to catch it. However, the ball falls to the ground, and the camera switches between shots of the falling ball and the annoyed faces of the other boys. The police arrive on motorbikes, and the camera shows a low shot from the front of the bike. The boys try to escape, climbing mounds of rubbish and debris and jumping over large brick walls and metal roofs. The police chase them through a narrow path, with locals throwing rubbish at them from above. The boys eventually reach a road and try to run in front of a white car before escaping round the corner of a building. Their mother greets them, and the clip ends with a final zoom in shot of the family walking away.

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It starts off with a low angle looking at the cricket ball being hit into the sky, followed by a close up to Jamal’s face. Then switching shots from the falling ball and Jamal’s face, as he is getting ready to catch the ball. As the ball is about to hit the ground there is another low angle, at that moment a plane flies over, to emphasise the plane is much higher and going extremely fast. Next there is a tilted angle looking at the other boys’ faces as they’re annoyed Jamal didn’t catch the ball.

Police arrive on motorbikes, with a low shot from the front of the bike, suggesting they’re chasing the boys. Followed by a long shot, showing how many children they’re attempting to chase. There is a tilt angle as the boys try to scamper up a mound of rubbish and debris. The boys jump over a large brick wall, shown by a low angle. A pan angle then scans the metal roofs, which the boys sprint over. This is closely followed by some of the boys jumping off the roofs, their landing moment is captured with a worm’s eye view.

A high angle watches the boys continue to run through the narrow path. One of the police men is closely behind them, with a low angle shot looking at the locals throwing bits of rubbish onto him from above. There is a pan shot as the boys run past with the policemen directly behind them. Next there is a wide shot of a large brick wall, with the group running from one side to the other. They reach a metal pipe they run along, seen with a high and long shot.

The boys are then seen by a high angle shot, running through an opening of the slums’ roofs, this is followed with several zooming out shots. As the boys reach a road, a zoom in shot concentrates on a white car, which they try to run in front of. A crab shot follows the two boys as they dash round the corner of a building. They are greeted by their mum, with an over the shoulder angle, looking at the police man. Finally a zoom in shot concentrates on the two boys and their mother walking away.

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