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Can Justice and Forgiveness Go Hand In Hand?

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Justice and Forgiveness do go hand in hand because justice is basically asking or letting people know that they are not alone, they have many people in the world to help them out so that the main person can be heard. Forgiveness is a victim that undergoes a change in feelings and attitude regarding an offence, it’s basically when a person lets go of all the bad things that happened in their past and they move on cause life continues with or without someone or somethings in your life and you need to prove that to yourself as a person.

An example of a person that wanted Justice and/or Forgiveness was Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson was threatened and hurt throughout his entire childhood life as well as teenage life. People blamed him for something’s he did in the past and wanted forgiveness for, but people didn’t listen and continued to hurt him.

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Can Justice and Forgiveness Go Hand In Hand?
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In the article about Michael Jackson there was a quote that said “Facts don’t lie, People do.

” Michael Jackson wanted forgiveness from everyone that knew him but some people didn’t forgive I feel like other people as well as Michael Jackson should have both Justice and Forgiveness because everyone deserves a second chance at some point in life. There was another quote in the article that said “Every time I stayed the night with him, he abused me”. That’s maybe way so much people have hate towards him, because he abused kids that he had with him at the time. He wanted Justice because he even said that he had also been abused when he was a little kid by his parents. He wanted forgiveness because none of the kids were killed just abused. People might not forgive Michael because the kids were at a very young age and still to this day remember what had happened to them in the past because they were young but not young to the point where they don’t remember anything. Michael was asking for forgiveness for what he was doing to those two kids because maybe he wanted to let go all the pain he went through as a child. Everyone should get a first or second chance no longer than that because if you give them a third chance they will make the same error again like they did in the past. But still to this day Michael Jackson doesn’t have all the forgiveness from the people that care about him or the people that love him.

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