Reading and Writing Go Hand in Hand

Writing and reading are an essential part of each educated individual’s life since they are the basis of written communication. The fundamentals of reading and writing start when you are born. One learns to use language to express your feelings and communicate with others. During early speech and language development, one learns skills that are important to the development of literacy. Literacy is a person’s ability to read and write. Reading and writing are important to help function in school, on the job, and in society.

Writing and Reading really go hand in hand, reinforcing and extending each other by being able to make one critically think and critically read. Reading and writing also encourages us to think. We introduce to the concept of reading at a very early age. It remains with us in different forms throughout our life. It is very important to instill the habit of reading right from childhood. You can put in children, the habit of reading bedtime stories. Reading during the early years helps the child in improving his/her language skills.

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When children learn to recognize written words, it enables them to mock the words and then is able to write. Avid readers and writers are also better at processing information faster than those who read less. The research presented by the Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology proves that poor readers have poorer short-memory functions. [1] As a result, avid readers have a broader outlook, are quicker to analyze facts and find connections between unrelated ideas. Reading and writing are forms of communication.

Everyone knows about writing to entertain, also to communicate descriptions, information, and evaluations, as well as to persuade readers, and present solutions to problems. Through reading, people learn how to understand different ways of thinking and feelings of others; becoming more open minded. We use information to decide where to vacation, what movie to see, which cars are reliable, and for whom we should vote. In today society, it is very critical you know how to read and write.

With advancement of technology, today’s forms of communication have increased from writing on paper to sending emails and texts. Also in today’s society, a survey conducted among 64 American companies revealed that half of them pay attention to writing when considering a person for employment or promotion [2]. For all these reasons are to why reading and writing go hand in hand. Reading and writing have processes in which it helps you develop an idea of what you are reading or writing. Both processes are very simple.

In The Bedford Guide for College Writers, the authors state that these processes show that you know a fact, comprehend its meaning, and can apply it to a new situation”(Kennedy, Kennedy, and Muth 26). Knowing is one of the first processes in the reading process. Once you read the passage, and you have some background information “you can decode and recall information it presents”. (Kennedy, Kennedy, and Muth 26) The next step they give is “comprehension”, which is to understand the information given. Then the next process is “applying”, to” attach” (Kennedy, Kennedy, and Muth 26) the knowledge and information you already know. In addition, each time you write a draft, you are a more knowledgeable person than you were previously. The authors in The Bedford Guide for College Writers go on and also state” when your ideas start to flow, you want to welcome them not tear them apart” (Kennedy, Kennedy, and Muth 10). By knowing that others will read, a writer will work harder to make certain the piece reaches its highest possible potential.

Reading and writing go hand and hand because, it allows us to communicate, and to understand the different styles of how people read and write. Developed reading skills lead to the development and improvement of writing skills. As a reader, you have to apply it and comprehend what you are reading. As a writer you have to write so that your reader will get the message you are trying to convey. I think reading and writing is very important whether it be now or in the past. These days there are so many ways to communicate through reading and writing the world would be unable to function without it.

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