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Causes of the First World War

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Today i will show you my finding for the reasons and causes of the first world war, triple alliance, triple entente, the triple entente consists of Britain, Russia and France, the triple alliance consists of germany austral-hungry and Italy, On 28th June 1914 the black hand plotted to assassinate Franz Ferdinand, on this day he was driving through the city ofSarajevo, he insisted in driving in an open top car,the reason for the journey was that it was his and his wifes wedding annaversary of 14 years the route that France and his wife Sofia are travelling on is published in the news paper, this is perfect for Gaverilo Princip the leader of the black hand gang.

All the gang members, this includes a martyr, two school boys, and more move into position.

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Causes of the First World War
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Franz Ferdinand insisted in only having 127 police officers on duty this day,Vaso Cubrilovic who suffers from TB is the first to move into position and asks one of the unsuspecting police officers where the archduke’s car will be, he learns that it will be the 5th car back and 3rd car along, as the archduke’s car comes along he quickly pulls out a grenade and throws it at the emperors car.

Vaso Cubrilovic forgot that the grenade had a ten second fuse on it, the archduke quickly spots the grenade and shields himself and his wife, the grenade bounces off the back of the car and kills spectators and a few policemen.

Without looking as to whether the attack was successful Vaso quickly takes some syanide and jumps into the river, but unfortunately the syanide was too old and did not have the desired effect it just gave him severe vomiting and also the river was only 4 inches deep, the assassination and suicide attempt both failed and he was quickly obtained by the police. He was then questioned and torchered, but before the assassination begun they all swore not to give any information and he kept to this promise.?? after the failed assasination gavrilo princep and the remaining assins gathered. While they were.

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