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‘The Vampire Diaries’ originally a book by L. J Smith was translated to telecasting by the CW Television Network in 2009. As the rubric goes it is dominated by the supernatural Vampires to be exact. The narrative is set in a fictional town called “Mystic Falls” in Virginia. Elena Gilbert is the show’s supporter who is torn between the supernatural and humanity. Elena is a strong caring individual but as the clip progresses she can be seen as manipulative. This essay will concentrate on season one and two of The Vampire Diaries and will analyze how Elena Gilbert’s character has developed and progressed. When we are foremost introduced to Elena she is composing in her diary;

“Dear Diary. Today will be different. It has to be. I will smile and it will be credible. My smiling will state. ‘I’m all right thank you. Yes, I feel much better’. I will no longer be the sad small miss who lost her parents. I will get down fresh be person new. That’s the lone manner I will do it through”.

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She is confronting yet another school twelvemonth but due to tragedy. Elena and her younger brother Jeremy face it without their parents who were both killed in an auto accident. Although Elena puts on a courageous face to her equals. shortly afterward she sits in Mystic Falls graveyard following to her parent’s keystone to compose one time once more in her diary. Elena’s universe nevertheless is changed everlastingly by Stefan Salvatore a cryptic yet tempting new pupil at her high school. He arrives in the first twenty-four hours of school and becomes acquainted with Elena. Over the following few episodes love affair flowers between them. However, the love affair is cut short with the disclosure that Stefan and his brother. Damon Salvatore. are both lamias. Elena’s head leaps to decisions about the slayings and the “bodies drained of blood” since their return to the town. She becomes hostile towards them and distances herself. However, when her younger brother. Jeremy witnesses Stefan kill his lamia girlfriend Vicki (as she is out of control). Elena is forced to lie to Jeremy to protect him from the universe she has found herself entwined. Elena requests that Damon takes Jeremy’s memories off by irresistible impulse.

It is here that although Elena is lying to Jeremy about Vicki who “Had to go forth town and was non-coming back” she did it out of love for her brother. Similarly, with her guardian Aunt Jenna, she keeps her in the dark with respect to the supernatural component in Mystic Falls. Elena’s character development is seen here. She was a really unfastened and honest individual but now is maintaining unsafe secrets from people she loves. As the series continues the Salvatore brothers regain Elena’s trust. Stefan and Elena rekindle their love affair and Elena bonds with Damon. Damon Salvatore harbors romantic feelings for her as a consequence of her resemblance to her ascendant Katherine Pierce. Elena knows this and sometimes manipulates him to avoid the struggle for illustration. In season one episode 13 Elena lies to Damon about swearing Stefan. Elena knows Stefan does non be after to assist Damon free Katherine from the grave but when Damon asks can he swear him she confirms he can. Elena although she feels springboarded into the supernatural universe at times she has felt helpless when characters die at the custodies of lamias. But in season one episode 12 Elena fights her stalker back by knifing him with pencils etc. She is brave in comparing to other female characters in T. V. D who have shrieked in corners and screamed. She may non last but no affair that still fights back. It is in season two where her character truly transforms. In the first episode, It is difficult non to happen esteem for Elena who is covering with her doppelganger ascendant making mayhem by portraying her. Katherine Pierce comes back to Mystic Falls making mayhem. She about kills John Gilbert she succeeds in killing Elena’s best friend Caroline Forbes – who turns into a lamia she threatens Bonnie interruptions Damon’s bosom and attempts to win Stefan back.

A batch to postulate with but Elena manages to remain strong throughout and put her trust in everyone no affair Katherine’s advances or actions. However, when Katherine compels Elena’s aunt Jenna to knife herself. Elena is forced to interrupt up with Stefan. She tells Damon Katherine won. In episode 7 the Lockwood one-year mask party takes topographic point. Stefan and Damon have had a sufficiency of Katherine’s games and make up one’s mind to kill her. Unknown to Elena, the pack program to set a terminal to her. Elena finds out and runs to the party to halt them. It is a complex position of Elena’s character as her ground to halt them is so no 1 gets hurt. But Jeremy tells her “It’s non about her anymore” and that Katherine has crossed all of them.

However, subsequently on Katherine Pierce reveals that she is non her worst enemy and that the original lamia Klaus is coming for her as she is the key to interrupting the expletive. Elena realizes Katherine came back to Mystic Falls to manus over the chief constituents for interrupting Klaus’ expletive. He needs the doppelganger – Elena; an enchantress – Bonnie; a wolfman – Tyler and a lamia – Caroline. Elena is disgusted that Katherine was merely traveling to manus them over. Elena feels she is to a fault shouting to Stefan “It’s all because of me”. As the series goes on Elena’s attention for her ain life deteriorates. She has accepted she is destined to decease but refuses to allow her friends die. We see Elena interrupt the protective shell the Salvatore brothers have built around her. She goes to seek for Klaus to do a trade. But Damon ends up conveying her dorsum to Mystic Falls. It is non long earlier Klaus comes looking for her. Bonnie believes she can kill Klaus but knows it will kill her as she would be utilizing all of her energy. Elena refuses to allow her best friend dice but when Klaus arrives there is really small Elena can make.

In the episode entitled “The last day” Elena reveals something to her fellow Stefan. An inquiry that has gone unreciprocated throughout the series. Her hereafter with lamia Stefan. “I’m 17 old ages old. how am I supposed to cognize any of this yet? I know that I love you. Stefan, I know that. But my hereafter our lives together? Those were things I was supposed to cover with as they came along. I’m supposed to turn up decide if I wanna have children and get down a household. Grow old. I was supposed to hold a lifetime of those picks. and now. it’s all gone” “I don’t want to be a lamia. Stefan. I ne’er wanted to be one. ” In the last episode. Elena survives the forfeit conducted by Klaus but faces the loss of her aunt Jenna and John Gilbert. Furthermore. Elena loses Stefan to Klaus. Stefan makes a trade with Klaus. He will be his “comrade” if Klaus gives Damon the remedy for a wolfman bite. Elena is left heartbroken. Although she survives. she loses people she lived for.


Elena is a character that I admire. She is strong loving and stubborn. Although on occasion exposing selfish and manipulative traits it links to her love for people in her life. It is besides reviewing to see a female supporter in a lamia series desiring urgently to maintain her humanity alternatively of flinging it off at the bead of a chapeau to forestall aging like Bella Swan in Twilight.


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