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What’s Eating Gilbert Grape Questions

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In detail, describe all the family relationships in the Grape Household. (i. e. Gilbert and his mother, Gilbert and his sisters, Arnie and Gilbert, Arnie and his sisters, etc. ) What role do each of them play in the household? How do they treat one another? Why do they behave the way they do? The relationship between Gilbert and his mother is rocky. Although they both love and care for one another, Gilbert’s mother expects a lot from him.

Gilbert has accepted the fact that he is now the man of the house ever since his father committed suicide, but he is very stressed by his overwhelming responsibility for his brother and two sisters.

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What’s Eating Gilbert Grape Questions
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Gilbert, along with his siblings, is ashamed of his morbidly obese mother. Gilbert and his relationship with his sisters is a normal one. Gilbert and his two sisters fight constantly every day and usually quarrel over small things. The relationship between Gilbert and his brother Arnie is a loving and caring one.

Gilbert takes care of Arnie all day and tends to his every need.

Gilbert takes Arnie to work with him and he is also responsible for bathing him. Gilbert is Arnie’s older brother and he treats him with love and respect, until Gilbert loses his temper and punches Arnie a couple of times. In his household, Gilbert is in charge of bringing home the money and groceries. His sisters are in charge of cooking and cleaning, while their mother sits on the couch and watches TV all day long. The entire family is dysfunctional. Instead of the mom being the one in charge, Gilbert is the one who takes on the responsibility

Why do you think Gilbert has an affair with Mrs. Carver? Why do you think she has an affair with him? Gilbert gets annoyed about being the responsible one in his family because he never gets a spare minute of his own time to do what he wants to and is constantly looking after his brother Arnie. Mrs. Carver annoys Gilbert with a constant need for attention and feeling that Gilbert can’t provide. She is a big output for Gilbert’s emotions and a big part of his social life. Gilbert is having an affair with her because in their small town, there are few girls for which he could choose from. Mrs.

Carver chooses to have an affair with Gilbert because she’s bored with her husband and wanted a bit more excitement in her life. After meeting a girl his own age, Gilbert decides to end his relationship with Mrs. Carver because he develops strong feelings for the girl whose name is Becky. Mrs. Carver says that she chose Gilbert because she thought he would never leave her and is stuck for words when he chooses to leave her in her last scene in the film. Another reason Gilbert chooses to have an affair with Mrs. Carver would be because it’s an escape for him from his hectic life as head of the household.

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