Cheating on Significate Other

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Cheating on a good person is like throwing away a diamond and picking up a rock. In a relationship, it can literally break a person and make them feel completely worthless. Cheating on significate other can completely destroy the relationship. I did this once in a relationship, it was a really big mistake that I have learned to never do in any type of situation. I basically ruined a three- and half-year long relationship all, because I decided to make a stupid decision.

There was this girl named Ally (that isn’t her real name), she went to the same high school as me, she was grade above me. We started talking around sophomore year of high school. Honestly, I didn’t think it was going to be something as serious as it ended up being. My feelings started to grow slowly for this girl. Ally and I basically started to do everything together. She would come to support me in all of my sports that I participated in, literally she would go out of her way for me in any situation.

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If I needed anything she would always be there. The most important part was that she was there for me during the roughest times in my life. At a point in my life my mom had went to jail and it was only me and my dad. My dad didn’t even know how to cook or do anything relatable to that, because we always had my mom. She would cook dinner, do laundry, clean dishes, etc… This girl always gave me the most comfort and made me feel better in many different situations.

At the time Ally and I continued to grow together through the months and years. We were extremely close together. One night I choose to hang out with some of my friends, Ally decided that she didn’t want to come along, but I went instead. My friends and I ended up going to a house party. I told Ally that I was attending this party, she was completely fine with me being there. The house party was fairly big, around 100 people.

There was a lot of alcohol involved, I ended up getting heavily intoxicated. I didn’t even think or put Ally’s feelings into consideration. My mind was not in the right place. I ended up cheating on my girlfriend with a girl I barely knew. The next morning, I didn’t even realize it at first what I done. It was one of the biggest mistakes that I had ever made in a relationship. I got way too intoxicated, but it did not justify what I done. I still did what I did so I had to deal with many consequences that I caused for myself.

Furthermore, I got the worst regret, guilty feeling that I had ever experienced before. I wanted to vomit, because how bad it made me feel, because I decided to cheat on my girlfriend that would absolutely do anything for me. When I finally checked my phone my girlfriend already figured out what happened.

She told me that we were done, balling her eyes out over the phone. All I wanted to do is tell her how sorry I was and how big of a mistake that I made. I wish I would have never made this awful mistake, it literally made me feel like the biggest piece of shit, because I literally threw away a long relationship for some girl that did not mean anything to me. I wish I would have never gone out that night and got highly intoxicated, instead I wish would have just stayed home that night.

Eventually, Ally and I talked things out a few weeks later, we ended up getting back together, but it just wasn’t the same anymore. The trust was just not there anymore for her. I had completely broken her heart, which could not be fixed. She could not trust me with anything I did. I felt so bad because, I could see how much pain I had caused her. Day by day things never got better they almost felt like they got worse and worse.

We started to have more bad days then good ones. It was like she would always get mad at little things. Like I could joke with her or just play around with her, we would end up getting into a huge fight. Ally slowly started to give up on the relationship. I started to get tired of all the negative stuff that was going on, she did as well. One day there just came a point and we ended things for good, because we were not happy anymore.

In all, I really learned from this horrible mistake that I made. It was just a dumb mistake that I should have not done. I’ve learned to never cheat on someone in any type of situation. This mistake that I made changed me as a person. It honestly made me into a better person, because like I know I never want to put someone through that pain again.

It made me see things completely differently. It destroys all of the trust in the relationship. I come to realize that it’s just not worth it. I’ve promised myself that I will never choose to do such a horrible thing ever again, because I’ve seen what it can do.

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