Chet Arthur, President of the United States?

Good God! That is what many of us were stating when former President Garfield died and Republican Chester A. Arthur took over. However, Chet Arthur has proved us all incorrect. We are populating in a clip of prosperity, good after the Civil War. Arthur, even though he will non travel down into the history books as one of our greatest presidents of all time, Arthur has done nil to halt to advancement of our great society.

Even the recent illumination dirt has been proved incorrect. After studies that Arthur has been telling new flowers for a image of a adult female on his desk every twenty-four hours, guess rose that Arthur was holding an active life. However, the image turned out to be of the late Nell Arthur, his married woman who died old ages ago. While President, Arthur has wholly redecorated and cleaned the White House, something former President Hayes ne’er did.

The White House now genuinely looks like a edifice tantrum for a president. Arthur did all of this with his ain net incomes besides, non doing the American public wage for this. Arthur has maintained peace with foreign states, the federal exchequer has remained full and there have been no major crises while Arthur has been in office.

Arthur vetoed the controversial Chinese Bill which would censor any Chinese immigrants from coming to the United States for the following 20 old ages. He managed to acquire the Chinese-hating Congress who likely would hold overruled his veto to merely restrict the figure of Chinese and non forbid them to immigrate wholly. Arthur has made important with the Navy. Before this term, our U.S. Navy was one of the weakest among major powers.

The U.S. had non upgraded to steel ships and hoped to acquire along with wooden ships. Arthur ordered the building and purchase of 84 steel ships, and besides got rid of the long tradition of seting presidential friends who cognize nil about the Navy in charge of operations. Chet Arthur, President of the United States. That sounds better now that it did in three old ages ago.

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