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Childhood And Treatment Of Children Research

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Children all over the universe are treated otherwise at different times, during different centuries. Some kids are raised by both of their parents in a good environment, with good conditions, and with a good instruction. Those childs are good taken attention of and are happy if love is added to all that. The topographic point that they live in becomes perfect. There are other childs, though, that have no loving parent, or no parents at all; no beautiful warm place, or no place at all; no healthy nutrient, or no nutrient at all and no good instruction, or no instruction at all.

They have to work all twenty-four hours merely to last and acquire a small spot of something to eat. These kids, unlike the other childs, are treated severely, abused and used. As clip alterations, people change: sometimes for the worst and sometimes for the better. Even now, kids are mistreated in other states and even here in America.

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Childhood And Treatment Of Children Research
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Pip is left without parents to be raised by his sister.

His sister, Mrs. Joe, is 20 old ages older than Pip. She is raising Pip “by manus”, intending she lays her manus on him whenever possible, which is all the clip. Pip is treated really severely, but at least he has a friend who would stand up to him; Joe is Mrs. Joe Gargery’s hubby. Joe wants Pip to hold a good instruction even though he himself didn’t have one, but Mrs. Joe, on the other manus, thinks it’s non a good thought and a waste of clip. Pip does things like other childs do; he plays, chows, and goes to kip. The nutrient that he is given is healthy really tasteful, that it makes me desire to eat it. His room, even though it’s really little because it’s right under the roof, is his ain room, where he has privateness. The conditions that he lives in are all right to populate in; they’re non the best, but non the worst either. How Pip lives, I would state, is that he has less than half of the good material, like the nutrient and place and more of the bad material, like non truly a loving sister and non a really good education, so these conditions are right in the center ( Dickens, Charles; The Great Expectations ) .

Unlike the kids in the verse form, “The Cry of the Children,” where the childs are made to work all twenty-four hours in the mills and mines, without anyone at that place to assist them and protect them against the kid labour, Pip doesn’Ts have to work at all, to my cognition. The kids, as Browning describes them, are tired, weak, and ill, with pale faces, and sad eyes. They cry and weep, yet no 1 hears them and wear’t want to listen to them at all. Education, in this instance, is out of the image and is non even mentioned anyplace, because they need those kids to work for they all twenty-four hours long without any remainder. They don’t even hold any clip or energy left to merely be childs and play out in the Sun on the hayfields with the beautiful butterflies and caterpillars ( Browning, Elizabeth ) .

In the book, The Mill on the Floss, by George Eliot, Mr. Tulliver wants his male child to acquire a good instruction, merely like Joe wants Pip to acquire a good instruction. Mr. Tulliver wants the best for his child, but for his girl, he doesn’t care much. Still, their girl gets the proper things and is taken attention of, plus she has clip and chance to read books and play outside by the H2O. This environment is better than what Pip has and much, much better than what the kids have that have to work in the mines and mills.

There is a large contrast in The Old Nurse’s Story, where one kid has all the love in the universe, even though both her parents died, and has a nice, large, warm place, with nutrient to eat, and a bed to kip, and the other kid merely has a female parent who cares about her, while everyone else hates her. Miss Rosamond lives merrily and gets everything she needs, while the other miss was thrown out into the cold and stop deading dark, without any nutrient or anyone to assist them ( Gaskell, Elizabeth ) . All these childs were treated otherwise. Some were treated like royalties, while others were treated like soil or automatons that have no feelings.

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