China and Its Government System

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Its government is a communist and socialist system, but can also be an authoritarian with restrictions in areas such as the internet, the press, freedom of assembly, reproductive rights and freedom of religion. The current president of the People’s Republic of China is XSL Jigging who Is the head of the state, who Is also the General Secretary of the Communist Party of China and Chairman of the Central Military Commission_ The current Premier or Prime Minister of the State Council is IL Keening who is the head of government. He is in charge of organizing and administering the Chinese civil bureaucracy.

He is also the Head of the National Defense Manipulation Committee of China. Primary organs of state power are the National People’s Congress, the President and the State Council (includes Premier, Vice Premiers and State Councilors). Most positions In the state and military are occupied by members of the Communist Party of China, or CAP In short, which Is controlled by the Politburo standing committee of the communist Party of China (highest and most powerful decision-making body in China). 1 . To what extent are rulers determined by general, free and fair elections?

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RATING: 2 Elections or partial elections are held, but they actually have only limited influence over who rules. ) Elections In the People’s Republic of China are based on a hierarchical electoral system. The local People’s Congresses are directly elected (the people vote) and the National People’s Congress is Indirectly elected by the People’s Congress right below them. The President is elected by the National People’s Congress for a term of five years (and can be reelected) and the Premier, who is usually someone of high significance in the Communist Party of China, Is nominated y the President and approved by the NP.

The citizens of China do not directly vote people who will in turn vote for people who will vote for these important and significant leaders. Even though they have these elections, they cannot truly say that they voted for their government leaders because they technically only voted for their local government officials. 2. Do democratically elected rulers have the effective power to govern, or are there ‘EOT powers and political enclaves? To what extent can independent political and/or civic groups associate and assemble freely?

To what extent can citizens, organizations and the mass media express opinions freely? (No freedom of opinion or of the press. ) Although Article 35 of the Constitution of the People’s Republic of China states that their citizens can enjoy freedom of speech, of press, of assembly, of association, of procession and of demonstration, the country shows no sign of freedom for the people. Religious protests become too violent causing death because of the issue between the Communist party of China. One example of this would be the Attainment Square massacre. The censorship in the country is also very strict.

All forms of publication must go through the official Chinese government before one can publish a material. The word democracy is banned from the chat discussions of China. If the government finds the post disturbing or inappropriate, they would take t down. 5. Is there a working separation of powers (checks and balances)? RATING: 3 Separation of powers is restricted partially and temporarily, for example to ensure exportability. Fundamentally, though, a restoration of balance is sought, especially by the other branches. ) People’s Republic of China’s power is divided into 5 branches: 1 .

Communist Party of China (CAP) – political branch 2. State Council – executive branch 3. National People’s Congress – legislative branch 4. Supreme People’s Court – Judicial branch 5. People’s Liberation Army (PLAN) – military branch via the Central Military Commission Each branch of the government has its own functions and although the government is basically fully governed by the Communist Party of China, they still make sure to divide their different tasks and powers. Aside from that, the President and the Premier have their own functions, head of state and head of government, respectively.

It is still not a perfect check and balance in the government system because some branches still meddle with the affairs of other branches, such as the legislative branch meddling with the affairs of the political and executive branches, Influencing and manipulating their leaders. 5. To what extent do civil liberties exist and to what extent can citizens seek redress for violations of these liberties? RATING: 1 (Civil rights have no protection even in are minimal and anytime you say any sort of negative remark towards the government of China, you are in danger of being arrested by the government.

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