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Chocolate Chip Cookies Research Paper Roy



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    Chocolate Chip Cookies Essay, Research Paper

    Roy McKenzie

    L.A. 6?

    February 26 1997

    Whoever in here likes chocolate bit cookies STAND UP! Well, I like them excessively.

    The narrative of the Chocolate bit cooky is truly an interesting 1. In fact, did you know that the innovation itself was truly an accident? Nope, good, I didn? t think so. Let me state you a small about it.

    Have you of all time wondered how the cocoa bit cooky came to be? Have you of all time wondered who brought this American tradition into our places? Do you cognize how they became so popular?

    Well, it all started one twenty-four hours with a immature lady named Ruth Wakefield. One twenty-four hours she was doing some cookies for her invitees. They were called Butter Drop Do? s. This cooky required semisweet cocoa pieces to be melted in the hitter. Well she was in a haste, she had beds to do and drapes to clean so, alternatively of runing the cocoa pieces in the hitter she merely chopped them up in the hitter, believing they would run during the cookery procedure. To her surprise they stayed really much intact See what happens when you do non follow the waies?

    Well, ne’er the less everyone at the Toll House Inn merely loved Thursdaies

    mutton quad. In fact, they became so popular the formula was published in the Boston Newspaper. The formula was named the Toll House Cookie. One twenty-four hours Nestl? was traveling over their studies and they found that gross revenues for cocoa bars rose quickly in the Boston country. This was because the cocoa bars were the primary ingredient in the Toll House Cookies. When Nestl? found out what was up they started doing their cocoa bars with mark lines on them for easier breakage. This was all right but still non easy plenty. So to work out this job they made morsels ( illumination cocoa busss ) and bought the Toll House name. With that they called them Nestl? Toll House Morsels.

    Did you besides know that the cocoa bit cooky is the most popular cooky in America? The Toll House produces 33 1000 cookies each twenty-four hours. In the universe about 7 billion cookies are eaten yearly that means 19,200 1000 cookies a twenty-four hours. That explains why 50 % of cookies in American places are chocolate bit.

    As you can see this innovation of the 1930? s had a powerful consequence on the cooky industry. Whit the hopes you learned something about how it came to be, who invented it and the popularity of the cocoa bit cooky, I leave you with this home base of cookies to bask! !

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