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Proper nutrition

Proper nutrition  Proper nutrition entitles eating the right amount and right kind of foods. Eating right is the most basic way of having a healthy lifestyle. Having a balanced diet ensures the right amount of energy needed by the body in order to work. Nutrition Poor maternal nutrition may limit the growth and intelligence potential …

Nutrition and Fitness

Nutrition and Fitness             Keeping a healthy lifestyle is a major challenge for every individual. It takes a lot of discipline, effort, and determination to maintain a physically fit and healthy body.  Each and every person has their own way of keeping his or her body in good condition. People resort to different kinds of …

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Exercise and Proper Nutrition: Physiological Effects

a. Problem Statement. Exercise and proper nutrition are general concepts of health care needs required by the body for normal functioning. The following paper illustrates the interdependent relationship between proper nutrition and adequate exercise in order to achieve balance directed towards optimum body function. Recently, scientific interests on primary heath care have focused on the …

Artificial Nutrition and Hydration

Artificial Nutrition and Hydration             Artificial Nutrition and Hydration (ANH) is given to a person who for some reason cannot eat or drink. Artificial nutrition and hydration is a balanced mix of nutrients and fluids, provided by placing a tube directly into the stomach, the intestine or a vein. It is a medical treatment that …

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