Christian Attitudes Towards The Distrubution Of Wealth

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It is a fact that the universe ’ s resources and wealth is unevenly distributed. The rich North has 85 % of the universe ’ s wealth, yet the hapless South has three quarters of the universe ’ s population. These developing states in the South need more money to better the lives of their people, because this inequality is ensuing in major jobs, for illustration ; One fifth of developing states ’ people suffer from hungriness. This is non because they do non hold plenty nutrient to turn, as there is adequate nutrient to feed the whole universe, but that they are exporting most of their nutrient, at inexpensive monetary values in order for them to back up their households and pay off their debts. However, in the United States of America, one tierce of all Americans are overweight.

Peoples in the South are being exploited by people in the North because of the inequality in the universe. In the manner industry, for illustration in the mills in Bangladesh, misss every bit immature as 12 are working sometimes every bit much as 24 hours a twenty-four hours in the most awful conditions. They stand all twenty-four hours in stuffy and cramped suites, at machines which are earnestly unsafe, ( and of class they are non cognizant of that ) holding merely two interruptions, including tiffin. If the misss feel badly or tired so they have to pay for a stool to sit on, and if they need the lavatory they must besides pay. All of this the misss must digest, for nil, because if they do non carry through their production quota in a twenty-four hours so they will non acquire paid. If they do carry through their quota they merely acquire paid less than half a per centum of what the net income of the point is bought for in a developed county. It is a barbarous rhythm in which they can make nil about. If they try, they lose their occupations, as they can be easy replaced. The misss have no existent power because they do non hold the cognition and instruction to assist them contend for equality. Many administrations make the misss aware of these developments, and back up the misss, who do stand up to the greedy makers, but this development is highly difficult to turn out, and the misss take many hazards by making this.

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Christians would be against this development, they treat everyone as their neighbor because they believe that we are all God ’ s kids, and he wouldn ’ t want to see his kids enduring, so it is a Christian ’ s responsibility and duty, as brothers and sisters of these exploited people to be concerned, and to assist and care for them. In the concluding opinion God rewarded those who helped the less fortunate because they saw God in everyone. True Christians should see God in everyone, and hence attention for all world. The followings in the concluding opinion did non disregard the agony, otherwise they were disregarding God, as he said, “ I tell you whenever you did this for one of the least of import of these brothers of mine, you did it for me. ”

Christians should larn this from this narrative, and handle everyone in demand, if you do this you are being a true Christian. If Christians help the agony now so they will be rewarded in Heaven, for nevertheless you act now will be judged subsequently on. In the fable of the rich adult male and Lazarus ( Luke 16:19-31 ) the rich adult male fails to assist the mendicant, so he was punished in his 2nd life because he ignored a individual in demand. This is why Christians should non trust merely on material ownerships. Jesus told his adherents to be wholly dependent on God, and non to do money their top precedence, but God. Sometimes money can go an obstruction, and it makes people excessively avaricious. Christians are warned about greed in Jesus ’ instructions, ” watch out and guard yourselves from every sort of greed ; because a adult male ’ s life is non made up of the things he owns, no affair how rich he is ” Many people in the North of the universe have become excessively avaricious, Howe

ver much they have, and they want more, so they exploit the people in the developing countries. The people in the developing countries suffer through our greed. Christians are taught through the story of Barnabas and the Community life of the Church (Acts 4:32-37) to be more like the early Christians and share their wealth and possessions, because then there will be no more poverty and hunger, because everyone has enough. This teaching can apply to today, if we give a little of our wealth and time to the people in the developing countries, then maybe they can have a better chance of a life. We should be more like the widow, in Marks Gospel, she was a true Christian. She put herself last of all, and everyone in front of herself. If we today can follow in her footsteps by putting others in front of ourselves and thinking of those girls working for nothing in those factories, then we will be helping those in need and God. We can do this by quite simply giving up a few luxuries that we really don’t need, for example chocolate. It is a fact that the amount of money Britain spends on chocolate in one year could clear all of Africa’s debts so if we could just save that money, then this could be the start of equality. Jesus came to redeem people of their sins, to bring the good news and to help the poor. Jesus taught his followers that the only way to help the poor was through their actions, as he says, “show me how anyone can have faith without actions. I will show you my faith by my actions.”

Many Christians, who belong to organisations such as CAFOD, the Catholic Fund for overseas development follows through Jesus’ examples, by giving direct help to the poor in developing countries. CAFOD gives help to the people in the developing countries, by giving them skills for life. They don’t want handouts, they just need a chance to be given the education and skills to help themselves. The problem is that 800 million people in developing countries are illiterate. So CAFOD give them long-term aid, by educating them and giving them skills that will be with them for life, and will help them more than emergency supplies of food that would last for a couple of days. “Give a man a fish and you will feed him for a day; teach him how to fish and he will feed himself for life.” CAFOD workers also so do not ignore those girls in the factories being exploited. They give direct help to the girls in the factories, making them aware of how mis-treated they actually are, and encourage them to try and fight for better working conditions. Christians don’t have to become an aid worker to help people in developing countries.

Any sort of help no matter how small it is is better than nothing. Many people write to manufactures making them aware that we know what they are doing, and they also ask for better and safer working conditions for the girls. Public pressure would soon make these companies do something about it, and it has already worked. All we need to do is put some effort into helping these people. A little bit of our time will really be appreciated by those less fortunate than us. Even the earliest Christian teachings tell us to help the poor. No Christians should be against helping those suffering, especially because of our greed.

A Christian should be willing to help anyone, we are all made in God’s image, and therefore we should all work together to fight for equality in the world. It may never happen, for it could be too late, but we can at least stop the suffering of these people. Many in the North may feel that the poor are a burden, that the poor are too lazy, and that the people in the North work harder than those in developing countries, but do they really? One must always remember that there will always be the poor, but without the poor, there wouldn’t be the rich.

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