Christmas Tree and Favorite Holiday Celebration

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The author shares their love for Christmas, which has always been their favorite holiday. They have fond memories of believing in Santa Claus and waking up early to open presents and attend church. The author enjoys the warmth of love and togetherness that comes with the holiday season. They help their mom with decorating and shopping for gifts, which they used to enjoy more when they were younger. On Christmas Eve, the author’s family cleans and prepares food for the party at their house or at their Aunt’s house. The author’s favorite activity on Christmas Day is opening presents with their family and spending time with their loved ones. The author believes that Christmas is the most important holiday because it celebrates the love and caring for family and friends, and it is also Jesus’ birthday.

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Christmas has always been my favorite holiday of the year. As a child, it was the one time of year when I could catch a glimpse of Santa Claus leaving me presents, which was an exhilarating memory. I wish I could return to my childhood days. Even now, I eagerly anticipate waking up early in the morning to be the first person to see all the presents and then going to church. It truly is the most wonderful time of the year.

Our house exudes warmth with the Christmas spirit. The highlight of Christmas is feeling the love and warmth from family and friends as we come together to celebrate this exceptional holiday season.

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For Christmas preparations, my mom and I collaborate to ensure everything is set for the holiday. We decorate the house and purchase necessary items. Outside, I help with hanging lights while also setting up stockings and nativity scenes indoors. However, my most cherished activity is decorating the Christmas tree. The atmosphere fills with excitement as we delicately place ornaments on the branches. Ensuring each ornament finds its designated spot and arranging the lights perfectly to emit a dazzling glow brings me great joy.

There is a thrill and immediate holiday spirit when I turn on the Christmas lights. Additionally, going shopping brings me joy, especially when my mom goes to the mall with my sister while I relax and watch TV. This signifies that it’s time for our Christmas shopping adventure. Currently, I mainly shop for clothes due to my age, but I do miss the days of shopping for fire trucks and Rescue Hero’s in my younger years. Being a child with an incredible imagination was incredibly enjoyable.

On Christmas Eve, my house becomes bustling with activity as everyone pitches in to clean different areas including the rooms, basement, kitchen, and backyard. This is because we typically invite all our relatives over for the Christmas dinner. Once the cleaning is complete, my mom assumes responsibility for cooking and preparing food for the party.

Afterwards, my family convenes at my Aunt Darlene’s house to savor a meal together. Subsequently, we head back home to engage in one of my cherished pastimes – wrapping presents.

Christmas Day has arrived and as usual, I am the one who wakes everyone up in my family to open gifts. We have a large extended family and many friends who drop by to share the love and companionship of our Christmas gathering. This festive season holds a deep significance for me as it brings together my loved ones and friends. In my opinion, Christmas is the most significant holiday that my family and I observe, as it revolves around affection, care, and being together on Jesus’ birth anniversary. I adore both my family and Christmas festivities.

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