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My Favorite Holiday



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    When I was thinking about what to write this essay on a lot went through my mind. There are so many holidays today that it is mindboggling. Did you know that today, February 7th is “Send a card to a friend day” and “Wave all your fingers at your friends’ day? ” Of course these aren’t really highly celebrated days. There are all of the more important holidays such as the Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, New Years, and so on. These holidays while they are important they are not my favorite and I don’t look forward to them all year. Christmas is my favorite Holiday and it is really the only one that isn’t just another day to me.

    Sure I celebrate other ones like Thanksgiving and New Years but nothing compares to that warm feeling I get at Christmas time. Christmas has many different meanings to people. It started out as the day Christ was born. It became a tradition to give gifts because all the gifts that were brought to Jesus when he was born. Today people forget this and just use it as an excuse to spend lots of money. For children Christmas is the time when Santa clause brings all the children over the world gifts depending on if they were naughty or nice throughout the year.

    For many people Christmas is the time of the year for giving, yes this is true and it is a good thing but this isn’t the most important reason for me. The last four years I was in the Marine Corps and being away form home during Christmas really made me see what I missed the most about Christmas time. Sure people everywhere get in the Christmas spirit and gifts are given and cookies and lots of food are made but it’s just not the same as being home. There is something about being home for Christmas, around your family. There are the smells of my sister baking cookies or my mom making her famous breakfast casserole on Christmas morning.

    For me it doesn’t feel like Christmas without the sparkling white snow on the ground in Northern New York, you just can’t get that feeling on the beaches of North Carolina. Christmas for my family was usually spent around the house with just my Mother, father, brother and sister. Usually we would awaken to the smell of my mothers breakfast casserole. After eating we would usually just spend the day around the tree passing around a few gifts to each other and watching the parade on TV. We would spend the day talking as this was one of the few times all of us would be together for the year.

    By about one o’clock you would be able to hear the roar of my father’s snoring and probably the rest of us too, as we would fall asleep for a nap. Christmas for us was nothing special just a nice lazy day around the ones we care about most. The number one reason for Christmas for me is Family. Christmas is the time of year you should stop what you’re doing and spend time with family. This may be the only time you see some family out of the year. For my family this is the time of year to stop, eat some cookies, exchange a few gifts, and be in each others company.

    When I was a kid like all other children, I looked forward to the presents above anything. Now that I am older I see the real meaning. I am looking forward to this coming Christmas as it will be the first one in four years where I will be home in the snow with my family. There are hundreds and hundreds of holidays today and they all have there own reasons and interpretations. I believe Christmas is one of the most misinterpreted holidays today. Family is the number one reason for the Christmas season for me. I believe a lot of people need to slow down around the Christmas season and think about what’s really important.

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