Chromosome 6 by Robin Cook

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Organ grafts one time considered hazardous now are about everyday. However, the odds against a perfect familial lucifer are astronomical, and until that hurdle is overcome, no organ graft is a certain thing. In Robin Cook ’ s Chromosome 6, a research worker has discovered a manner to cut down the rejection rate to zero through familial technology – non in worlds, but in apes. The consequence is an carnal ” dual ” whose variety meats are instantly available for ” harvest. ”

The procedure is illegal, immoral in the eyes of animate being rights militants, and extremely attractive to ill people with tonss of money. This procedure benefits GenSys, a biotech company long on greed and short on moralss. It establishes a research lab in Equatorial Guinea, an destitute African state willing to disregard impropernesss in exchange for a steady hard currency flow.

Animals are procured, and enhanced engendering takes topographic point, fortified with human DNA. The animals are so isolated on an island, expecting the inevitable sawbones ’ s knife. At first, all goes good, and net incomes soar. Then mobster Carlo Franconi is assassinated. His organic structure is so stolen from the New York City mortuary.

When it resurfaces, the caput, custodies and liver are losing. A brace of NYC forensic diagnosticians is determined to happen out how and why Franconi disappeared. It is discovered that Franconi was a receiver of a new liver, from GenSys. Jack, Laurie and their friends discover the offenses happening in Equatorial Guinea, and halt the procedure before it continues to acquire out of manus. Chromosome 6 was really deadening at times, because Cook seemed to brood on points that failed to refer to the general secret plan. Otherwise, the events moved along good.

I was interested in the construct of reassigning parts of DNA to another being in order to bring forth a ringer of kinds in a different species. The consequences would bring forth an unbelievable medical phenomenon, but create such an resistance that, the procedure would likely non be implemented. I feel because of the information we could larn, the existent transference of the Deoxyribonucleic acid should be performed, nevertheless when it came to engendering the animate beings and giving them for organ grafts, the universe is non ready. Too many groups would dispute the scientific discipline reasoning that the animate beings should non be sacrificed, much less manipulated in the manner GenSys did in the book.

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