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Ways and Habits to Reduce the Carbon Footprint in My Life

Carbon footprint

Words: 255 (2 pages)

My carbon footprint in global acres by consumption category is 203. 61. This result was bigger than expected. So that’s why think have to make some changes in my life to reduce my carbon footprint. For example, using cleaner transport such as walk, bike or take public transit whatever possible. My vehicle has serviced regularly…

Ethical and Socially Responsible Marketing

Carbon footprint


Words: 1651 (7 pages)

1. What is ethical and socially responsible marketing and why should marketers be concerned about CSR and sustainability? It is a marketing philosophy that states a company should take into consideration what is in the best interest of society in the present and long term. It involves the customer at all times, how the consumer…

Recent Trends in Logistics and Supply Chain Planning

Carbon footprint

Supply Chain

Words: 2936 (12 pages)

Supply Chain Planning has been evolving over the years. New techniques for better and more efficient supply chain management and planning are coming out everyday.  In the 21st century, supply chain is considered to be one of the biggest developments. Many universities have developed Supply Chain as a separate course and offering programs which specialize…

Busi 520 Mmgp#7 Social Responsibility of Apples Ipad


Carbon footprint

Words: 669 (3 pages)

Socially Responsible (Module 7) Matthew Waliszek Liberty University BUSI 520 Strategic Marketing Management May 6, 2013 What specific suggestions could you provide for your firm to follow in order to be more socially responsible? The issues of social responsibility within a technology field usually fall within two areas: environmental and social, specifically labor. Somewhere there…

Frequently Asked Questions about Carbon footprint

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What is carbon footprint and how can we reduce it?
Whether at home, work, school, or while you travel, small changes can add up. In brief, to reduce your carbon footprint, you'll want to do things like reduce the amount of energy you use, eat fewer animal products, shop locally, travel smart, and reduce your waste.
What is carbon footprint explain?
A carbon footprint is the total amount of greenhouse gases (including carbon dioxide and methane) that are generated by our actions. The average carbon footprint for a person in the United States is 16 tons, one of the highest rates in the world.
What is the main purpose of carbon footprint?
Carbon footprints estimate the total amount of greenhouse gases emitted during the production, processing and retailing of consumer goods. The aim is to identify major sources of emissions in supply chains to inform relevant stakeholders so that actions can be taken to reduce emissions.

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