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Citizenship Discrimination at work

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Explain the range of meanings attached to citizenship, diversity and the associated terminology To achieve P1, learners must explain a range of definitions and meanings and this could take the form of a glossary booklet. Learners should also attempt to relate these meanings to public services.

P2Discuss the key concepts associated with diversity

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Citizenship Discrimination at work
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For P2,learners could add to the booklet with a range of written and pictorial evidence covering the key concepts of citizenship and diversity as shown in the unit content.

P3Assess the benefits of good citizens to public services and society in respecting equality

To complete the booklet, supporting evidence could be included for P3 that links the ideas of good citizenship to the work of the public services showing the benefits that can exist.

M1Analyse the importance to public services of good citizens respecting equality and supporting them by respecting the key concepts associated with diversity

D1Evaluate the role of good citizens in supporting public services in dealing with issues of equality and diversity

To achieve M1 and D1, the supporting evidence that is added to the booklet must contain much more detail in order to show analysis and evaluation.

This may be better achieved by considering how and why good citizenship is important to public services when dealing with issues of diversity and equality. Learners should also consider the advantages and disadvantages of good citizens and the implications of them not playing that role, and give their personal view.

Applicable unit content checklist


Definition of citizen and citizenship as used in general terms Public Service view of citizenship
Legal view of citizenship
Qualities of good citizens such as dedication and responsibility Attitudes to other people
Participation in community activities
Awareness of the needs of others


Definition of diversity as used in general terms and by public services and local communities Composition of the local and national community within the borough/local authority area (ethnicity, religion, gender, age, disability)


Meaning of different words used e.g.
oInstitutionalised racism
oEqual opportunity
oDirect and indirect discrimination

Of Integration, tolerance and multiculturalism
The rights and responsibilities of individuals in society as citizens Equal opportunities and positive action to find solutions for greater social inclusion and representation without changing standards in favour of race or gender or disability Corporate social responsibility

Benefits of a ‘Good Citizen’

The volunteer working in public services
Volunteers in the community
Adding value to society and supporting society
Protecting the environment
Challenging injustice and making a positive difference to effect fairness and to improve society.

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Citizenship Discrimination at work. (2016, May 24). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/citizenship-discrimination-at-work/

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