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Level 2 Reflective Account – Health and Safety



Words: 665 (3 pages)

As a Health care worker I work in accordance with the Care Standard Act 2000, Codes of Practice and conduct, with the Legal and Organisational requirements, and procedures. Before I start work, I ensure that the environment is spacious to avoid any accidents. By ensuring that the floor is dry and clear of any obstruction…

Support Children and Young People’s Health and Safety





Words: 2716 (11 pages)

Support Children and Young People’s Health and Safety with some cross reference to EYMP3 CYP Core3.4:1.1 a description of the factors to take into account when planning healthy and safe indoor and outdoor environments and services. Indoors – security: child X staff ratio, enough adults to supervising the children, for example: at lunch time with…

The Importance of Using Seat Belts





Words: 680 (3 pages)

Nowadays, many people do not understand the importance of seat belts. More than forty thousand reported deaths are caused from car accidents each year. Various researches have shown that more than half of these deaths, more than twenty thousand lives, can be saved if the drivers/passengers wore seat belts. Many people, even after knowing these…

Alpha Three Partners

Public Health



Words: 579 (3 pages)

Subpart D Occupational Health and Environmental ControlsMedical Services and First Aid (OSHA 1926.50)-Alpha Three Partners shall secure the expert advice of medical professionals in all matters pertaining to Occupational Health and Safety. -Alpha Three Partners requires that multiple employees, including supervisory employees, receive First Aid or First Responder certification. Furthermore, said employees must maintain current…

Essay about Water Safety


Words: 860 (4 pages)

Clean water supply is essential for the safety of all humans, plants, and animals. The disruption of clean water would endanger public health and safety risks, as well as the economy. There have been many cases about the outbreak of waterborne disease that have caused damaged to water supply and the public’s health. Protecting the…

John Counselling Assignment




Words: 3499 (14 pages)

We are the sum total of everyone we have ever been. Inside we are children, teens, adults, friends, lovers, parents and wives or husbands. We usually behave differently with different people. There is the person we are with our close friends and with more distant friends, the person we are in our intimate relationships, the…

Health & Safety & Infection Control in the Workplace




Words: 2264 (10 pages)

1. Which workplace procedures are relevant to your job to ensure there is a safe working environment and how is this carried out within your workplace? 301.1.1.a.b.c Examples of relevant workplace procedures at a dental practice include: Using hazardous substances safely – e.g. Storing amalgam separately to all other waste until collection, storing lead foil…

Health and safety task



Words: 1221 (5 pages)

We also have a responsibility to be vigilant when we are working within health and safety hazards. We should also report any hazards we see that can pose a risk for example a wet floor, this should be reported somewhere safe. We have to be knowledgeable about the health and safety requirements in a setting…

The effectiveness of policies and procedures for promoting health, safety and security




Words: 1926 (8 pages)

Policies and procedures are very effective. In the following assignment I will evaluate the effectiveness of policies and procedures for promoting health, safety and security. Policy states “all accidents are to be recorded in the company’s accident book at the particular place of work. ” (Bright Horizons, 2008, Bright Horizons Family Solutions Health, Safety and…

Mandatory Overtime and Patient Safety


Words: 1638 (7 pages)

Introduction             A shortage of nurses in hospitals was caused by restructuring efforts through replacement of unlicensed assistant personnel for registered nurses. Instead of hiring more licensed nurses some employers opted to use overtime as a staffing strategy and cost cutting measure. Nurses are forced to work extra hours thus, they are overworked and exhausted….

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