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Classroom Management Plan

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Running Head: Classroom Management Plan Classroom Management Plan PERSONAL PHILOSOPHY OF CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT My personal philosophy for classroom management focuses on four main tenets that I plan to explain to the students. The following is how I would explain those four tenets to my class. Respect • I automatically respect you all as individuals • My respect level for you will decrease or increase based on your actions Communication • Communication is key to passing this course Sick, taking a trip, field trip, plan to miss school – you need to communicate that to me • When I am talking or lecturing, I ask that you don’t • Nonverbal – do not put your head down; this tells me you are bored Responsibility • You are 100% responsible for your work for this course • If there is a problem, you need to let me know • You have deadlines for this course • I meet you half way and make sure you have everything you need to pass this course • 100% responsible for your own actions • When I talk, please listen and don’t interrupt Raise hand if you have a question Organization • Lessons will be organized ahead of time • I need you to be organized • Classroom will have an “in” and “out” box for work • Grades will be posted weekly • Class Calendar on the wall I hope to share my classroom management philosophy with my students on the first day or two of class.

By doing this, they can understand how I plan to conduct the course.

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Classroom Management Plan
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This will give them a better idea of my expectations and how they can best meet those expectations. LIST OF RULES AND POSITIVE/NEGATIVE CONSEQUENCES

RULECONSEQUENCE No food or drink allowed in classFirst Offense: Warning Second Offense: Time spent after class with teacher Third Offense: After school detention No CD players, Walkmans, Discmans, 1st: Warning and told to put it away portable gaming systems, or 2nd: Teacher will confiscate; return at end of day cell phones allowed in class 3rd: Turn into office, parents have to pick up No use of the teacher computer or phone 1st: Warning 2nd: Detention Leave Backpack at the door 1st: Reminder/Warning 2nd: Student will be last to leave class

Missing Work1st: Reminder/ Warning about missing work 2nd: Spend time after school to makeup work 3rd: Phone call home Plagiarism 1st: Automatic F, no make-ups, phone call home 2nd: Referral to dean of students Cheating1st: Automatic F, spend time after class 2nd: Referral to dean of students, phone call home Talking out of turn1st: Reminder/Warning 2nd: Spend time after class for wasting time in class 3rd: Detention, phone call home TASK ANALYSIS FOR ONE PROCEDURE The following procedure outline explains how I plan to handle all student hall passes.

Bathroom/Locker/Hall Passes • Students will be granted 3 passes per quarter for my class. These passes will be kept track of in the “pass binder” on my desk. Students should remember to take care of all necessary responsibilities before class. (Restroom, drinks from the fountain, locker) The following points will be explained to the students and should be followed as the hall pass procedure: o If a pass is needed, the student will be required to fill out and submit the school PASSPORT book to use a pass. I will pull out the student pass log to see how many passes the student has left for the quarter. o If passes are allowed, I will sign the pass to authorize the exit from class. o Following this, the student must sign out on the student log that keeps track of how many passes a student has used for the quarter. o The passport book must be taken with to the destination incase he/she is stopped in the hallway by another teacher or hall monitor. o Passes should only be given at times when Mr. Kafka is not lecturing or addressing the class. Upon returning to class, the student should quietly return to his/her seat and continue working on the lesson or listen to the classroom instruction. PLAN FOR IMPLEMENTATION OF CLASSROOM MGMT PLAN The first day of school is crucial for implementing an effective classroom management plan. I plan to have a copy of the “welcome letter” that will go out to students and parents. As part of the welcome letter, there will also be a student/parent/teacher contract attached for both the student and parent to sign.

Since this is a business course, the contract will tie into the “business world” theme I hope to bring across. On the first day of school, we will do some “get to know you games” and then go over teacher and student expectations for the class. It is during this time that I will relay what I expect to the students and hopefully find out what it is they expect from me. Students will get a chance to voice any concerns they might have ahead of time. This discussion will hopefully help everyone to get their ideas out on the table and together, we can create a set of class guidelines to follow.

Following the first day of school, I will post a listed copy of the class expectations, rules, and guidelines on the wall as a remembrance to what we decided as a team. This should help to keep all parties in check with what was agreed on from day one. I will work to enforce the guidelines and policies so the students can see that I am consistent. If a student has a problem with the policies, I will talk to that student one-on-one outside of class time to exchange views on the issue. Taking the time to show the students why we have the classroom guidelines will hopefully bring across an order for the way the class will run.

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