Code of Ethics Essay

A society’s importance and strength is often measured through number of contemporaries. This is no theory; we always give a notion of power and importance to majority. In the same way, we pay high respect to this certain group of individuals who are regarded as professionals in different forms of discipline.

Knowledge Management Professionals is an organization of combined professionals aiming to promote the use of knowledge in order to provide better decisions and organizational outputs. It sheds a new light of a society’s existence – that is through quality rather than quantity of members.

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Code of Ethics
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In order to come up with quality outputs, a certain division of values has to be followed. This is what we call code of ethics.

For a group of professionals, it is very critical to propose a code of ethics that is true to all forms of disciplines. However, since most professionals are in service industries, effective performance should be the first rule. This rule will continuously lead them to function as their profession effectively.

Apart from it, good attitude is also recommended. Without good attitude, relationship with ordinary people will never grow. These ordinary people may be less educated unlike professionals, but they know the kind of leaders/professionals they want because, just like everyone else, they also want to improve their quality of lie. Without the presence of good attitude among professionals, it will cancel each other out and in the analysis, undermines what service is supposed to be, that is, quality service.

Aside from the performance and attitude, their commitment is also an important element. Their commitment should be something personal in them and is an integral component of higher sense of professionalism. But again, the fact that these professionals already have their respective licenses and titles, it simply means that they are competent – competence that has to be true to all.


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