Collective bargaining

Background of problems National Union of Bank Employees (NUB) held a picket to against the Hong Leone Bank Sad. Bad for discrimination towards its Muslims employees. The employees claimed that they could not perform their solar (prayers) in the office premises. The management disallowed them from using any part of the office even the restroom but, they must find other place to pray. The conflict become worst when 27 employees were fired as they refused to transfer to other branches. They were asked to do so after denying the policies. Hong Leone Bank Sad. Bad It was written that 80% affected employees are Malay.

NUB decides to alarm the management with picketing as their report had no consideration by the authorities. The employees believe this is the only way to settle the dispute. 3. 4 Analysis The problem arises between Hong Leone Bank Sad. Bad and its employees prove there is non-harmonious relationship in their work-place. The employees were unsatisfied to the company’s policy that does not concentrate on their welfare and rights. This non-harmonious relationship not only shows that the management has discriminate the right of Muslims but it also bias to the Malay’ tizzy which become the majority of the country.

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On behalf of National Union of Bank Employees (NUB) which is a national union that cover all workers in the commercial bank, the employees try to bring their union as a tools to approach their company. They enjoy the rights to have a legal association to assist them and protect their interest. Even thought the disputes is between the Hong Leone Bank Sad. Bad and its employees, other members of the union has unite to fight on their solidarity. According to Section 40 of Industrial Relations Act 1967, any workers are allowed to give peacefully information or persuade other workers at or near the workplace when they have a trade dispute.

NUB held a picket as a collective bargaining to the Hong Leone Bank Sad. Bed’s authorities. Picketing is a legal activity in order to communicate issues to the public through the mass media and to embarrass the employer. NUB shows it negotiates the dispute in a manner and ethical procedure that liable for every worker. 3. 5 Recommendation The case between the Hong Leone Bank Sad. Bad and its employees has gives big impact not just inside the company but also to the public. Regarding on this dispute, the employees and their authorities have discussed on this matter earlier.

Both of the parties get no collective agreement to settle it. The authorities stressed that they never discriminate them or restrain them to perform their duties as a Muslim but their decision is to protect their confidential as a financial institution. Thus, what to be recommended is the authorities must consider providing another room for those staff as this is their responsibility to care the workers’ facilities. The employees will be satisfied and the secured area will still e secured.

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