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Communicating information

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            Communication plays an important role in arriving at a resolution to this problem. However, some things could have been done initially that would have avoided the situation from taking place. Initially, after passing the report and giving my boss the time to read it, I should have asked then and there what she thought of the content of my . However, if she needed more time to go over it, I should have made follow-ups days after I passed the report. It would be appropriate to do so not only to listen to what she has to say about it, but also to check whether necessary adjustments to be made to improve my recommendations.

I should not have sent her e-mails or have done other impersonal means of communication. I should have gone to her personally to ask whether I did well on my report so that I can show her that I took my job seriously and I am interested in knowing about the status of my report.

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Communicating information
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            However, since it has been three weeks since I passed the report and my boss has not informed me that she passed my recommendations to the senior management, I think it is appropriate to ask her directly about the situation. In the scenario, there is no way for me to be sure if my boss has not told the senior management that I did the report. I still do not have proof that she passed the report and took the credit for it. It is best to wait and see if my boss really did that. If I found out that my boss did not tell senior management that I did the report, I will not demand my boss to tell senior management that I did the report or to approach my boss in an aggressive way. However, I would only ask my boss personally if the senior management liked my report and I would ask for some feedback about it. My boss is still my boss and I work under him so I would trust that whatever he did, he did for the good of our department.

Working under an organization requires teamwork and being able to do your job well for the good of the department or the company. It is enough for me to know that my report was excellent and that through it, I was able to contribute my skills and my knowledge for the betterment of our department and our organization. Gaining recognition for a job well done is less important than learning from my mistakes and shortcomings, so I prefer to draw evaluation or feedback from my boss about the report in order for me to deliver more excellent outputs in the future.


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