Communication and Networking Meetings

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Series of communication and networking meetings in the workshops could be arranged within span of 3 week time (Week 1-3). SPCN will arrange these meetings with representatives of groups and government authorities in Kathmandu. Each group has to be given 15-20 minutes time to speak and around 60 minutes will be kept for showing video clips or case study of several international cases similar to this case. Final joint meeting will be kept on 3rd week in the presence of authority to finalize the action plan for resolution which can be presented to the government. This resolution could mention about granting autonomous right to terai (madhes) region having some legislative power to the regional autonomous council.

For Problem Solving of issue related to Social exclusion and discrimination:- For identifying concerns a separate Workshop has to be organized at Janakpur (capital of province no. 2 in Nepal, mostly populated by madhesi) for all stakeholders for at least 2 weeks. After listing their concerns about not adequate representation in civil services and other jobs, a written representation will be sent to the social justice department of the government of Nepal suggesting for dialogue. Another workshop will be arranged at Kathmandu (week 3) with the involvement of government representative especially the minister of the department to have co-operative dialogue with the groups. After this, a resolution will be sent to the government for creation of Social-Justice Commission to discuss with all stakeholders with co-operative dialogue and with the aim to come out with problem solving (Ps) recommendation of accommodating this groups in the system through positive discrimination like giving reservation of 30% or in proportion to their population in all government jobs. The fact of less representation could be presented in a manner that Madhesis represent over 33 percent of the population, they only hold 12 percent of government positions, including the police and army. Index of power and exclusion could be taken into consideration from where it can be identified that the Bahun Chettri castes at 31.6 per cent of the population and monopolizing 66 per cent of the positions in public, professional and cultural institutions, the indigenous with 22 per cent of the population 7 per cent and the madhesi with 31 per cent of the population 11 per cent.

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For Problem Solving of issue related with Deprivation & denial of citizenship and political representation:- For identifying these concerns a separate Workshops has to be organized in 4th and 5th week after the completion of social discrimination related workshop. All groups have to be invited with wide publicity and some international experts views and video can be shown to the stakeholders about countries having similar problems but now progressed well after solving the conflicting issues. Madhesi groups have basically problems related with :- i)The federal boundaries were divided in a way to reduce people inhabiting Terai region to minority in each province ;ii) Parliamentary seats were disproportionately allocated. Terai region constituting 50% of population was allocated only 65 seats out of 165; iii) Citizenship provisions discriminated against naturalized citizens and children born to Nepalese women – who were not granted citizenship through descent – in high Constitutional post like that of President , Prime Minister. Since Nepal now has democratically elected government, the proposal will be sent for form a Federal Commission to listen all stakeholders through co-operative participation and action dialogue. Federal Commission can propose plan for some systemic change also.

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