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According to Fodeman, the risks of social networking are becoming increasingly apparent, especially for children without boundaries. Although technology has provided a new way of social interaction, it seems that people are ignoring the consequences of their actions. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter allow for quick information exchange and easy communication with friends and family. Additionally, these platforms are more effective than traditional print methods for advertising purposes. However, there are negative aspects associated with social networking sites that affect students’ education and GPA. These sites act as distractions in both the classroom and outside of it, as students engage in activities such as texting or browsing Facebook during class. As a result, not only do they disrupt their own learning but also that of their peers. The obsession with constantly checking statuses and sharing photos online has led to a decline in genuine education within schools. Furthermore, the acceptance of multitasking by considering it normal to use social media while working has worsened this problem.Research indicates that college students typically see a decline in their grades of about 0.12 points for every interval of 93 minutes or more spent on social media/networks (Social Networking). As stated in the article “Social Networking,” students who engage in social media platforms tend to have an average GPA of 3.06, whereas those who are not users or are unfamiliar with such sites maintain an average GPA of 3.82, leading to a discrepancy of 0.76 points. Furthermore, the article proposes that increased time dedicated to social media generally correlates with decreased academic performance among students.

The negative aspects of social networking, such as its impact on GPA, addictive nature, promotion of cyberbullying, and facilitation of sexting, are emphasized in the text. Despite the popularity of platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for their easy access to contacts and information, it is important to be aware of the potential dangers they present. For example, creating a Facebook account can expose individuals to cyberbullying. Therefore, caution must be exercised while using a computer screen as sensitive information may be revealed.

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