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Essayabout Dangers of Social Networking Sites

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Dangers of Social NetworkingIn increasing numbers children are living in a social world “without boundaries” surrounded by dangers (Fodeman). Technology has become a gateway to a new world of socializing. As technology grows it seems as if all boundaries of cause and effect, problem and consequence has been removed from sight and mind. Online communication sites offer quick information and easy contact with friends and family. They also are perfect for advertising because it is cheaper and much quicker than printing.

Sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter can be deemed negative for society because it affects students’ education and kills their GPA, it also becomes an addiction, it promotes cyberbullying, and encourages sexting. To begin, social networking sites affect young students GPA because it is a distraction in and out of the classroom environment. Kids text in class, they go on Facebook in class, their worlds revolve around these communication sites disturbing other students and themselves. It has become so imperative in this world to constantly check statuses and post a picture online that genuine educations have gone extinct from schools.

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Essayabout Dangers of Social Networking Sites
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Multi-tasking as become the new rave where it is “ok” to use Facebook and do work, unfortunately Facebook wins. College students’ grades dropped .12 points for every 93 minutes or more on social media/networks (Social Networking). Students who use social media had an average of 3.06 GPA whereas students who did not or do not use social networking sites or media had an average GPA of 3.82, a .76 point difference (Social Networking). According to “Social Networking”, students that are heavy social media users “tend to have lower grades” the longer that they stay online the lower .

. .r the worst form social networking because it affects their GPA, it can become addictive, it advertises cyberbullying, and allows sexting. Social networking sites are frequently known for easy access to contacts and obtaining information; however, it is imperious that people acknowledge the dangers. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter still become increasingly popular; however, every cause, like making a Facebook account, has an effect, like being cyberbullied. Be aware of the dangers on your computer screen as you never know what information might unveil. Works Cited“Cyberbullying.” Be Web Aware-.Media Smarts and Bell, 2013.Web. Fodeman, Doug. Majre, Monroe.”The Impact of Facebook on Our Students.” National Association of Independent Schools, 22 Jan. 2009.Web. “Sexting.” Safe Teens. 2014. Web. “Social Networking ProCon.org.”www.Procon.org.18 Dec. 2013.Web.

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