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Communication Channels in Health Care Today

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Communication Channels HealthCare Communication Strategies HCS 320/AGHC1008B Adrian S. Arnold, MSM, BSN, RN University of Phoenix, Augusta Campus Team B: Sonya Chishom, Christine LaFauci, Shanta Searles and Natissa Whitehead February 25, 2009 Introduction Communication levels can be similar yet different in hospital settings versus specialty clinic office settings. In both organizations the standard communication channels that are used includes faxing, emails, referrals, telecommunication, and face to face consultation to name some.

The business of health care today is a delicate performance of balancing affairs, patients are seeking lower cost and effective communication and the organizations are seeking newer communication technology to maximize the quality of care that are given to the patients and organization.

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Communication Channels in Health Care Today
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Communication Channels Similarities In the occupation where this writer works we are a large scale hospital, East Central Regional Hospital (ECRH) communication is a vital entity in how we operate daily. The way language is communicated could be a life or death situation because with deal with human beings lively hood.

Telecommunications in the hospital settings are used to communicate between workers to ensure the correct medical terminology and findings are interpreted properly. In specialty clinic telecommunication are used for the same process. Faxing at ECRH are for receiving and transmitting vital medical or policy driven information that are needed to update individuals that are effected by the changes. Team members that work in specialty clinic stated that faxing is where the clinic received and send medical information about patients to other clinic or get the information themselves to proceed with procedures that needs to be performed.

Another source of communication channels that ECRH and specialty clinics have are intra and internet. The intranet in both organizations are use to communicate inter-departmental. The internets are used in both organizations to response to outside agencies dealing with returning messages, or obtaining pertinent information that are required. Finally we have face to face consultation are used to related information through meetings that needs to reach a large group of individuals or individuals to ensure information are relayed accurately.

Communication Channels Differences How communication levels difference from a large scale hospital versus specialty clinics are in the smaller settings will be on a more personal level with constant and instant communication daily. Whereas a large scale hospital setting you make not have the personal level of communication because the amount of patient care that is required. Large scales hospital gives the quality of care that is require, but you can not spend as much time as a smaller setting clinics can.

At ECRH even though email, faxes, telecommunication, and intra and internets are used a longer wait time for response are frequently. Whereas clinics the individual received information back instant or within a couple of days. Depending on what information are needed within the hospital from outside agencies you tends to deal with delays and inconsistencies with information that are acquired. Conclusion Communications within the workplaces are on brink of new era, filled with exciting changes (www. toshibabusiness. com).

One era of changes that can make hospital setting and clinics run smoother are the new Tablet PC’s. As health care delivery evolve, it is critically important that technology evolve also (www. toshibabusiness. com). Some benefits of the Tablet PC’s have are single data entries with having a transcript. Patients can be served faster and reduces errors hopefully will save money. Privacy, patient information will be read and written with secure data. Finally clear display of information promotes meaningful medical dialogue and helps patients better understand the condition.

Individuals in workplaces can improve communication skills by taking classes and updating themselves on the latest procedures that are going on within the workplace. References Coiera, Enrico, Tombs, Vanessa, and Gosbee. Communication behaviours in a hospital setting: An observational study. February 28, 1998. BMJ 316: pgs 673-676. Retrieved February 20, 2009 Proquest http://wwwbmj. com/cgi/content/abstract/316/7132/673 Tablet PC: Making and Impact in Hospitals and Doctors’ Offices. (2006) Toshiba America Information Systems, Inc. Retrieved February 20, 2009. www. toshibabbusiness. com

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