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U-Haul deals with different types of communication strategies when working with management, marketing, and public relations surrounding the organization. Each type of communication strategy is different and requires different types of skills. Within the organization employees communicate with one another, with managers, with customers, and outside associates. When communicating with coworkers, managers, and customers it can result in different types of communication with each individual. Each of us uses individual communication skills to best decide what type of communication is needed in certain situations.

Conflicts can arise in regard to communication when dealing with language differences and cultural barriers within the organization. U-Haul employee’s external communication is usually with retailers, customers, suppliers, and future clients. U-Haul tries to give employee’s effective tools needed to communicate successfully with each of these individuals. Internal Communication Several communication strategies are used within the U-haul organization to convey health information between internal and external organizations. U-haul uses face-to-face communication, written communication, telephone, teleconferences, e-mails, and web chats.

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Each of these is useful when communicating ideas and strategies between external and internal organizations. U-haul uses verbal and nonverbal communication as a way to communicate with employees and business associates. If an employee wants to request a copy of his or her individual personal file human resources department must be contacted first. A written request must be submitted to the corporate office in Phoenix, AZ (U-Haul University, 2010). U-haul will not release any information regarding employees unless required by state law or labor codes (U-Haul University, 2010).

Employees can access personal information such as pay stubs, benefits, and career options through a website set up just for them. Uhaulhr. com is designed to give employees safe and secure access to his or her personal information at any time. Individual’s information is secure by a double protected password and all information is available online (U-Haul Hr, 2010). U-haul ensures that personal information is protected when delivered over the internet. U-Haul uses an electronic communications system that includes first class e-mail, U-haul. et, instant messaging and the Internet. The company uses a browser encryption the highest web browser security available (U-Haul Hr, 2010). The organization also uses a RSA encryption used by banks around the world to guarantee safety of personal information (U-Haul Hr, 2010). U-haul makes sure the web browsers employees are using are secure at all times. Employee information is also protected by a four digit personal code identifying each person known as a SID, system member identification. Each person has a personal password attached to this code.

A person trying to access this information would need the code and the password to gain access to information stored. U-haul does not store any personal information on the web server. Information passes into the web server only long enough to transmit data to individual’s computer (U-Haul Hr, 2010). This information is never stored permanently on the web server (U-Haul Hr, 2010). External Communication Confidentiality and information is important to the U-Haul organization. Programs, procedures, and policies, remain confidential to continue the success of the organization.

Proprietary confidential information such as the following: Personnel files and lists, wage and salary information, medical information, substance-abuse testing, retirement account information, and benefits summary (U-Haul Hr, 2010). Each employee upon hiring stage signs a confidentiality agreement agreeing that he or she understands the importance of keeping information confidential (U-Haul Hr, 2010). By signing this agreement employees agree to protect this information and not disclose any information to any unauthorized outside parties, without written consent from the human resources department (U-Haul Hr, 2010).

Improvements and Recommendations U-Haul could pay more attention to the different groups of customers and consumers in which it needs to communicate with. This will allow the organization to take the time it needs to create strategies on how to communicate and approach these different individuals (Murphy, 2010). U-haul also needs to be consistent with the communication it sends out to its clients (Murphy, 2010). Clients need to trust in the company they are working with. The communication needs to be clear and effective. When an organization recognizes its target groups, the company can emphasize what ypes of communication are needed with each (Murphy, 2010). Using a company newsletter to raise awareness to employees can be beneficial in receiving feedback or suggestions from employees. Reference Murphy, P. (2010). How to Ensure Effective Communication in the Workplace. Ezine Articles. Retrieved from http://ezinearticles. com/? How-To-Ensure-Effective-Communication-in-the-Workplace&id=896998 U-Haul Hr. (2010). U-Haul Human Resources. Retrieved from https://www. uhaulhr. com/default. aspx U-Haul University. (2010). U-Haul University Login. Retrieved from https://mit. uhaul. com/secure/aspnet1/UHaulUniversity/learner_login. aspx

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