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Communication Misunderstanding

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  • Pages 2
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    What channel was used to send the message? Verbal
    What was the misunderstanding that occurred? I did not understand how much I should “pick it up.” The result was me turning my machine up to a speed that caused issues further down the line and eventually halting production. How could the misunderstanding have been avoided? Clear and concise directions on how fast I should be operating my machinery. “I would like you to turn your machine up to this specific speed.” 1. What I learned about the communication process is that when sending messages that you have to be specific because everyone decodes differently based on noise and gaps. 2. The main cause of the misunderstanding was my supervisor sending a message that was not specific. I understood that he wanted me to turn my machine up but that it was not specific as to how much.

    Who was the sender? Me (Staff Sergeant Harper/Supervisor/Ground Guide) Who was the receiver? PFC Eads (Subordinate/Driver)
    What was the message? Reverse the vehicle to your left
    What was the channel used to send the message? Visual (Hand and Arm signals) What was the misunderstanding? I did not use the proper signals assuming that he already knew where we were parking and how close he was to the other vehicle. This resulted in another vehicle being struck. How could the misunderstanding have been avoided? By being specific with signals and sticking to the text book signals. I also should’ve halted the vehicle once I started receiving feedback that he was confused. 1. What I learned about the communication process is that you have to be concise especially when external noise is a major factor while sending messages regardless of the channel that we use to relay our message. 2. The main cause of the misunderstanding was a mixture of internal, external and semantic noise. I made assumptions that my driver understood my signals, the vehicle was very loud resulting in not being able to send verbal messages and my receiver(driver) did not understand what I was trying to relay.

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