Communication Styles – Analysis of a Special Interaction

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The paper is an analysis of the particular interaction between a Noble and a Reflective. The analysis is a procedure to see how communicating manners affect the interaction. and how changing one’s manner when pass oning with another manner can ensue in different results. This paper illustrates how I adjusted my communicating manner to accommodate my boyfriend’s communicating manner and how the consequence changed. The paper addresses the followers: 1 ) A description of the interaction. 2 ) An analysis the interaction. and 3 ) Decision.

A description of the interaction

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The specific interaction I want to show is the interaction between my fellow. Tony. and me. Because we have different communicating manners. we sometimes argue and get huffy at each other. He is a consecutive forward individual ; he tells me right off what I am making incorrect. As a Noble. Tony is really decisive. He likes to be centre of every treatment. In contrast. I have a Brooding manner ; I tend to be quiet. I love passing clip entirely ; I think profoundly and do non do determinations rapidly.

The interaction

The undermentioned scenario is an illustration of our communicating manners. The interaction took topographic point tardily at dark two hebdomads ago at the Home Depot shop where Tony and I went to purchase some fixtures for my room. We went inside the shop ; he grabbed the merchandises he needed rapidly. while I took my clip looking about. I showed him the visible radiation I had chosen and he said. “It is non a dark visible radiation. Let’s go over another row” . He held my manus and tried to travel rapidly to another row. but I pushed his manus off and stood in the same country. He went by himself and said. “We have to travel rapidly up. or we can come back tomorrow” . I was really angry. but I did non state anything. Finally. I went to the teller. and I saw him keeping a pretty dark visible radiation in his manus.

The impact of different communicating manner

Although he still helped me take the dark visible radiation. his behaviour made me experience like he was hotfooting me and did non care about me. He thinks he knows what I want. and he should hold asked me what sort of visible radiation I needed. If I chose the incorrect 1. he should hold explained what sort of visible radiation I needed. He acted as if he needed to do the determination for me because I was taking excessively long.

An analysis of the interaction

Last hebdomad. Tony helped me repaint my room and we went to the Home Depot to buy colourss and picture tools. Tony was really unhappy because I took excessively long to make up one’s mind the pigments. He besides complained why I did non be after in front of clip. In the interim. I decided to talk out what I was believing alternatively of being quiet and making my ain thing. I told Tony that he should hold helped me on choosing the pigments because the colour I wanted was non available and the direction of taking and blending colourss in the shop was confounding me. I described what sort of colour I wished to utilize for my room and asked him for advice. I besides talked to Tony straight that I tried to disregard his pained remarks. but those unconscious words irritated me. Tony realized his unwilled attitudes made me disquieted and he said apologize to me. We both felt like we removed the communicating manner barrier between us after the blunt conversation and we finished shopping and painting my room successfully. I will remind myself to utilize this method in our hereafter conversations to forestall struggles and statements.


Learning the communicating manners construct has helped me better understand the manner people interact. Each individual has a distinguishable manner of communicating which has both good and bad facets. Any miscommunication can do unexpected results. but if I can set or command my communicating manner. I can foretell the consequence of most interactions. Therefore. I recognize that larning and understanding other manners and using what I have learned in existent life will assist to convey good consequences.

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