Social Interaction and Modern Technology

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People interact to one another in so many different ways but sometimes we don’t know how to start having a conversation with someone because we are a total stranger to them and so are they to us. We often ignore someone who is trying to ask us about directions or talk to us while we are riding on a bus or train or even when we go to public places because in our minds and thoughts they are trying to get our attention and planning to do bad things. It is quite rude, but let’s admit it that we are just being careful and needed to be aware of the bad things that might happen. Today, we have a modern technology, we communicate to other people by texting or much easier to call them unlike before.

We have Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Skype and many more and we use all of these to communicate easily to one another. People are increasingly giving up letters and emails which in their opinion too time-consuming in this age of instant communication. For this reason, it is highly likely going forward, some of the common forms of communication utilized in social interaction today will be eliminated to lead in other more convenient and efficient forms of communication. I think 10 years from now, close interpersonal relationships will be less frequent, short-lived, and less meaningful. As for the youth of today, we are very exposed to our modern technology and it’s not really good for us because we will no longer talk to our parents face to face as often as we did before if we have problems or needed something and will affect our bond to our families because we tend to just always focus on our mobile phones or computers.

Although it would be easier for us to interact, it can also affect our behavior towards other people because having the modern technology is very helpful yet very dangerous because we interact to strangers online and also we get information’s that are very improper. Each one of us has the…

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